Camping Snacks

Make real s’mores in a toaster oven at school. Put one graham cracker square, with a piece of chocolate and one large marshmallow in the toaster oven. (Most trays can fit 6 crackers) Broil the marshmallows until they are golden brown. Take out of toaster oven and cover with second graham square. Eat and Enjoy! Yummy!

Camping snack-pretend your going fishing on your camp out. Take large pretzel rods, tie one piece of pull-n-peel red licorice to the end of pretzel and a gummy worm to the other end. The children can eat their own fishing pole.

To make s’mores without the campfire simply use marshmallow cream, chocolate frosting and crackers. The kids can do it themselves and tastes great too!

Use snack size Ziplock bags and put ingredients for trail mix in each one (nuts, raisins, mini M & M’s or chocolate chips, banana chips etc.) Then these were put in small paper sacks and taped shut and scattered around our yard. We put our backpacks on and went on a hike; I provided sacks for the children who didn’t have backpacks. The children found the sacks and brought them back to our tent and we mixed trail mix for snack.

You could take pretzel sticks and dip them in mild salsa, or cheese whiz or colored cream cheese to build and eat a little campfire.