Camping Snacks

red hots
sunflower seeds
tootsie rolls

1. Build the campfire ring using the M&M’s.
2. Place sunflower seeds inside to represent the dirt.
3. Build the A frame from the pretzels.
4. Put coconut inside the A frame as the tinder.
5. As the fire warms up put the red hots in to represent the hot coals.
6. Place the tootsie rolls on last representing the large logs.
7. Don’t forget to keep water (juice box) nearby in case your fire escapes.

“Indoor S’mores”
Put chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and Golden Graham cereal in snack-size zip-lock bags. Let the students eat while you read a camping story. All the flavors of a real s’more without the mess!

For a food we have made during our camping theme, take pretzel sticks, dip one tip of the pretzel stick in some melted white chocolate or almond bark. Immediately dip that same end in some sugar that has been dyed red (bought in the “cookie sprinkles” section of any grocery store) and you have match sticks to use to light your campfire! :O)

simple s’mores: perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Use a can of fudge cake frosting and marshmallow fluff on cinnamon graham crackers. give each child two Dixie cups, one for the fudge and one for the fluff. provide Popsicle sticks for spreading. the children will love the independence and this idea is perfect for centers with no cooking facilities available.

We made a pretend campfire with real logs and tissue paper. the kids skewered marshmallows on the end of drinking straws and “roasted” them over our imaginary fire. It was quick, easy and fun.

Teach children how to build a campfire. Start by placing a small pile of coconut (tinder) on a napkin or plate. Place small rod pretzels (kindling) in an “A” or square shape. Add larger rod pretzels (logs) on top following the base shape. Sprinkle chocolate chips (charcoal) on top. Enjoy!