Camping Games

Variation to “Doggy, Doggy, Where is Your Bone?”

One child pretends to sleep in a sleeping bag at the front of the circle. She puts out three camping items (binoculars, water bottle, flashlight, etc.) While “sleeping” the bear (another child) sneaks and steals an object. The class yells “Wake up” and the sleeping child guesses which item was taken and three chances to guess who the bear was. The bear then gets a turn to sleep and the game continues.

Go on a scavenger hunt for nature items. First have each child decorate a paper bag and write name on it. Then as a group go for a walk outside and collect different items. I made a list and then drew the picture next to the word. I also read the items aloud as we walked to remind them what they are looking for. (yellow leaf, rock, bug, stick, etc.) We had a lot of fun!

I have all the kids sit in the tent with the lights out. I stand outside with die cuts and a flash light and hold up a die cut. The kids inside the tent guess what the object is. I use a leaf, sailboat, sun, etc.