Camping Art


You need: 2 heavy duty Chinnet paper plates, 1 empty film canister, and a piece of string

Have the children paint their paper plates when they are dry glue them together (hot glue holds best) cut to small slots at the top the width of the film canister push the open end of the canister into the slots you may want to add some glue to keep it there. then with a paper punch punch a hole on either side of the film canister and tie your string on. looks so real we had parents thinking they could really fill them up.

Binoculars: you need: 2 toilet paper rolls, string.

Have the children paint or decorate the toilet paper rolls then glue them together put a paper punch in either side and tie on a string.


On dark colored construction paper, (Preferably black), Have student use their finger to make two prints beside each other in white. Then using same finger do one print in the middle in yellow. The more they make the nicer it looks :).

Make Your Own Tent

Get an old, king size sheet and take it outside. Fill up squirt bottles with water and food coloring. Hang the sheet up on a chain link fence OR place it flat on the grass. Have the children squirt the sheet as much as their little hearts desire. Let the sheet dry completely. This is now your “tent”. Create a place to put up your tent. You can drape it over a table, over a big box, etc. Let your imagination be your guide!

Materials: small milk cartons, glue, scissors, construction paper

Let children cut and glue paper and other materials to milk cartons to make their own tents. You (or the children) can cut flaps in the cartons to make them more tent-like.

Backpack: Take a grocery sack and let the children color it anyway they want. Trim about two inches off the top of the grocery sack. Attach the trim pieces to the back of the bag as straps.

Give the children a large piece of paper and lots of different colors of paint . Then have them use sticks, rocks, leaves, pine cones to paint or imprint on the paper. You could also draw a tent shape on the paper and have them use the objects to paint the tents.