Camping Art

To make real canteens – use 2 small “Chinet” paper plates, small bottles of water unopened and a heavy piece of yarn or rope to make the strap.  Have the children paint their paper plates – we used green & brown to represent camouflage. After plates are dry – insert a small bottle of water so that the cap is sticking out. Staple the edges of the plate. Punch a hole on each side of the bottle through the plates – tie your yarn or rope to make the strap. the kids and their parents loved these.

Take a piece of construction paper and lay it out length wise. Fold down the 2 top corners so they meet in the middle of your page. You now have a tent. Have children decorate their tent. Encourage them to add scenery around their tent (ex. trees, campfire, etc.) Inside the flap add a picture of the child resting their head in their hands. When they open the flaps of the tent it will look like they are resting in their tent.

You need two clear plastic cups approx. 6ozs. We painted one with green and brown tempera paint to look camouflage with a sponge. When it dries take orange, yellow and red tissue paper and put inside to represent flames. Lastly take the clear cup and put upside down on the painted cup. Hole punch both cups on each side and run a pipe cleaner thru each set of holes, twist and meet at the top to make a handle. There you have it a lantern!!

A fun and easy project for your preschoolers is to create a artists campfire. To do this, you give your students a piece of construction paper (green maybe). Then, give them strips of brown construction paper logs to glue on. Next, have them glue “fire” to the logs using pieces of red/orange tissue paper. Lastly, give them cotton balls to glue on as marshmallows!

Sleeping Bags

You need: 1 Large white pillowcase per child and Fabric paints.

My son and I discovered that a Large pillowcase makes the perfect sleeping bag. Just have the kids decorate any way they want when the sleeping bags are dry have the kids crawl inside and gather around for a campfire sing along or spooky story.