Button Art

We rolled a piece of white construction paper and placed it inside a Pringles can. Then we dipped large buttons into paint and dropped them inside. Put the lid on it and let the children shake it. It resembles marble painting.

After using a wide assortment of buttons to sort with, I have my kids pick out one that is their favorite. They get to put it on a small piece of pipe cleaner and wear as a ring. I’ve done this with Kindergarten and Pre-K.  Boys and girls alike love their treasures!

Our preschool had a bunch of key chains printed with the wrong address, so we decided to use them an art activity. We covered the side with the wrong address with sticker paper (in any color). The other side was left blank for the children to glue on all kinds of buttons. Once the buttons were dry the children painted over them with glitter glue for an added effect.

I found some corduroy material on the remnants tables at a fabric store. I then cut out overalls from the material. The children glue their overalls to a piece of paper and add buttons, lace, extra scrap fabric to the overalls. Use with the story “Corduroy.”

Our class loves to make windsocks. We take colored sandwich bags and let each child choose a color. Then they cut the bottoms off of the bag. Then the children decorate the bags with buttons. After their bag is decorated, two holes are punched in the tops and yarn or string is placed in the holes to make a hanger for the windsock. Then have the children glue, staple, or tape streamers to the opposite end of their windsock. When it is all dry, you can hang them in your room or outside your class window so the children can watch their windsocks blow in the breeze.