Butterfly Games

Butterfly Games

Butterfly Games

Butterfly Games for preschoolers through second grade to use in class or at home.

Create large daisy shape flowers with a circle in the middle large enough to write one letter on each flower until you have the whole alphabet. Copy onto different colored paper. Add a Yellow circle with a letter to cover the one on your copy, cut out and laminate all flowers. Hang the flowers on the wall with double-sided tape. Have a butterfly relay race. The kids are the butterflies. One child from each team flies to the flowers to get some nectar. When they get to the flower they use their arm as the butterfly’s tongue and unroll it from under their chin. (Butterflies keep their tongue rolled up except when eating) Have the child identify the name of the letter (or sound) and fly back to tag the next butterfly in line.

KID COCOONS Children can wrap each other in toilet paper (excluding their head) so they can feel what it would be like to be a caterpillar in a cocoon. Have them close their eyes and imagine that they are about to become butterflies. Have them stretch their “wings” and tear through the toilet paper cocoons.

BUTTERFLY RELAY RACE Cut out flower shapes from construction paper. Set or tape the flowers along one wall of the room. Divide children into three or four-person relay teams. Have the children stand opposite the wall of flowers. Explain that the goal of the game is to “fly” to a flower, tag it, and fly back to the team. Each butterfly, in turn, takes a turn, until everyone on a team has touched a flower.

Fluttering Butterflies

Cut small butterfly wings from different colored tissue paper. Then put a twist tie around them. Make sure to leave the tie in a Y shape for antennas. Put the butterflies in a large bowl on just on the floor. Have each child carefully wave a book over the butterflies and watch them fly.

Pattern-pillers. Practice and learn patterns by using pattern-pillers. Use paper, glue, different colored pompoms, and if you like google eyes. Have the children create patterns using the different colors pompoms in making their pattern-piller.

I take die-cut or premade butterflies and hide them around the classroom before the kids come in. Then we have a butterfly hunt to find all the butterflies. For an added challenge, I will write letters or numbers on them and have the children put them in order. If I do this, I make sure to have them ordered so that the color of the butterflies makes a pattern.
The kids love hunting for the butterflies and it’s a fun way to review patterns, letters, and numbers.

Butterfly Games

Butterfly Games for preschoolers through second grade to use in class or at home.



  • Susannah March 26, 2018 at 3:37 pm Reply

    Have two children hold a slinky (one on each end) on the ground. Allow them to wiggle it, just as a caterpillar would wiggle. Then have the other children jump over the caterpillar, making sure not to squish it. This is a great introduction to a butterfly unit.

  • Lana March 26, 2018 at 3:33 pm Reply

    Cut out large butterfly shapes from construction paper. have toddler decorate with tempera or watercolor paints. Then take paper towel rolls and cut into three sections. Take one section per child and cut up the middle. This will then make a wide wrist band. Attached the decorated butterfly to the wrist band and have the children wear the butterfly/bracelet while dancing to gentle music.

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