Bulletin Board Ideas

1. To really add softness to your room (especially an FDC Home) cover large cardboard pieces w/material and border it w/fancy edging from the material stores!!!!!2. You can have the children decorate large sheets of roll paper by doing things like: feet painting, hand painting, flyswatter painting, marble painting, etc. and cover a bulletin/cardboard with their work to hang information on! This really looks like the child’s helped in displaying information to their parents!

For a spring bulletin board I made a computer banner saying “Butterfly Kisses and Ladybug Hugs”. Paste or tape the banner to a plain white background.I added butterflies made from coffee filters (as seen in a recent spring ’98 issue ‘Parents’ Magazine). For ladybugs I painted styrene egg shapes cut in half. Red for the body with black dots and added a black pom-pom head. For the bottom I added grass (green photocopy paper cut and curled with scissors) and made flowers from miniature cupcake liners, then added a stem and petals. Print each child’s name on a flower petal. The best part is that you can keep the banner, butterflies and ladybugs for another year.

This is a cute idea for spring. I had the children cut out a mud puddle shape and then make handprints on it with brown paint. The caption was “April Showers Bring Mud Puddles!”

This idea was borrowed from an old Mailbox magazine, but it’s one of my favorites!Cut out or trace and have the children cut out a green half-oval. Then cut or trace and have the children cut out a slightly smaller red half-oval. Glue the red half-oval over the green one. After eating watermelon for snack, keep some seeds and wash, have the children glue the seeds on their paper watermelons. On the “rind” record what the children dictate their summer plans to be. Label the bulletin board, “What we’re doing this summer!

We made flower petals out of different colored paper and labelled the petals with the color. We then arranged the petals in a circle, placed a large cut out of a flowerpot underneath, and arranged arow of flowers on the bottom. The heading for the bulletin board is “Flower Power !”

We have four bulletin boards in my classroom. Both are changed every two weeks as our theme changes. Our main board is located in the hallway and is theme related. Usually it is a combination of a small children’s project and my saying or unit introduction. Our second board is a math board located in our math area. It is also theme related but deals with a new math concept each unit. Some concepts may include: measuring, counting, charting,etc. Our third board is located near our carpet area and displays our monthly calendar and weather chart. This board is changed monthly.The last bulletin board in my classroom is a small one posted near the door. Above it there is a sign that states “Parent Information”. On this board I post any community, class or school happenings that I feel parents may be interested in. Hope you like these!

In October our class learns about the fall season. On my main bulletin board I create a giant scarecrow with raffia sticking out of his shirt and pockets. I always like to let the children add to this board, so to do that I have them cut a bird outline out of black paper. They attach a wiggly eye and a colored feather of their choosing. I pin these “crows” all around my scarecrow.

At the beginning of the school year we usually focus our first unit on getting to know each other and friendship. On a dark blue background I’ll make a large brown door, with a knob and keyhole and with our classroom name on it (Four’s Preschool). All around the door I pin up yellow construction paper keys with the childrens’ names on them. Across the top I pin construction paper letters that says, “Open the door to Friendship.”

You can use this bulletin board at the end of the school year for your students who are going on to the next level.  Make a large 3-D tree on the board using the large rolls of colored paper that most schools have access to. Make a nest for each student. Put yourself in the nest as a large bird. Have smaller birds made of different colors for each of the students. They will be placed along the board, made to look like they are jumping out on their own. At the bottom of the board, put the new school or grade level that they are going to to, with a banner that reads–“Welcome New Flyers!” The students really have a good time trying to find their “birds” and it inspires a lot of good memories.

Cut small t-shirt shapes out of white construction paper.  Give each child a t-shirt and have them decorate it any way they want.  In bold magic marker, write each child’s name on their “t-shirt”.  On your bulletin board, string up a couple of clotheslines.  Hang the t-shirts on the clotheslines with clothespins.  Using die-cut lettering, form the phrase:

Look Who’s Hanging Out in Mrs., Miss., Ms., Mr. (your name) class

SAILING INTO SUMMER My headline is followed by a bulletin board with several types of boats and sea life pictures. We have a summer program so I use this board as we kick of the summer with our calendar of activities posted as well.

Store your bulletin board pieces in large, flat envelope made from two large sheets of tagboard or cardboard. Simply staple three sides together and slip the pieces inside (small pieces can be stored in zip-lock bags). Label your envelope with the name of the bulletin board and the month and year you displayed it. You can staple a picture of the bulletin board to the front of the envelope so you can create the same display quickly.

We are doing an Environmental Theme this month. We covered our bulletin board with recycled newspaper as a backdrop. Then we created a world. After that we went on a walk and collected garbage from around the school area. We cleaned it up a bit (so it wouldn’t stink) and hung it on our bulletin board with the title,”We can make a difference”. It is a strong visual reminder that garbage is very unsightly, and the children themselves can make a difference in keeping the world clean.

I really get into my BB. In April, I cut out from white poster paper the shape of an umbrella. I had all the children mix the primary colors with white to make pastels. They then dipped their hands in a thin layer of paint (which were each in paper plates)and made handprints all over the umbrella. It looked great! We made a handle from construction paper with fingerprints covering that. In construction paper, I cut out the words “April Showers.” For May, I cut out a fitting piece of white poster paper and drew a sun and stems. I had the children paint the sun and the stems, and then they dipped their hands in paints to make closed handprint flowers above the stems.

For an easy spring BB I cut out lots and lots of ‘springs’ from colored construction paper. I made many different sizes and colors. I then stapled them up and wrote, “Spring has sprung” It is so easy, yet was very eye-catching.

In my room there just don’t seem to be enough bulletin boards so we have created our parent board on a wall. I painted the children’s hands with paint and placed them around the edge of my new “soon to be” bulletin board. ( Just put tape where you want the edge to be and place hands just above the tape.) Most tempra paints come off with soap and water. We now have a colourful border made by the children in our room. They enjoy showing their Mom’s and Dad’s where their handprints are. And because of the eye-catching border, parent’s are sure to see it as they walk by.

This is a great end of the year BB idea for Pre-K class! Either take your children’s pictures or use one available ( I have each child bring one at the first of the year and then I photocopy it. You can even copy in color now) Make different color flowers, stems leaves, grass and so on. (You can even have the children cut the pieces out) It would even look cute if you used their handprints at the bottom of the stems as leaves. Put their picture in the middle of the flowers add a sun, birds and clouds. At the top of the BB put the words “Our “Kinder”garden” or “The “Kinder”garden class of (and the name of your school)” Just another idea to help the transition of leaving preschool.

For a Spring Bulletin Board, I made a large picture of a boy and girl standing under a umbrella. The title is “God’s love showers us with blessings.” I asked the children what blessings they were thankful for and listed them on the raindrops.

I take pictures of the children on the first day of school using a Polaroid and then use those pictures monthly in my BB. Some examples are Sept: “Welcome aboard” and I put their picture on a bus.  Oct: “You look bootiful” I put their picture on ghosts.  March: “Our Irish Eyes are Smiling” Their picture would be on a shamrock etc… you get the idea.  This month I had the children cut and trace raindrops. With an eyedropper and blue food colored water we decorated the raindrop. I let the children drop the blue water on the paper and then had them blot it with a paper towel, put their name on it and hang it on the BB with their picture on the raindrop. Of course the title of the BB is April Showers Bring…Next month I plan to make flowers incorporating the pictures once again. At the end of the year I use the picture for their Preschool Memory Book.

For a cool background, get a piece of burlap to fit your bulletin board.  Next, make colored glue by adding food coloring into the glue.  Have the children drizzle different colors of glue all over the burlap.  Let dry.  Hang the burlap on your bulletin board.

“Hands up for Spring” BB. The children press their painted handprints on a large newsprint paper using shades of green paint in the shape of the top of a tree with the handprints as the leaves. I start with the green right from the bottle and add white as the paint gets used. This makes various shades of green. The trunk of the tree is painted brown after the handprint tree top is dried and hung.

I love to get my children involved with the bulletin boards. For April, my children made rainbows from plastic canvas and 1/4 inch ribbon. Use 4 1/2 inch plastic canvas circles.  Using an exacto knife cut the circles in half. Cut away the first six rows. The first row is weaved with red ribbon. The next row is weaved with orange ribbon, next is yellow ribbon, next green ribbon, next is blue ribbon and last is purple ribbon. The children enjoyed doing the rainbows. I tie beads on the end of each ribbon so the ribbon does not come out. At the bottom of each rainbow I tied a cloud with their name so the child who made the rainbow will get their own back. I wanted to work on number words with my children, so I tied a raindrop to the top of the rainbow with number words on them. I then made suns with numbers on them. The children match the sun to the correct raindrop. They love doing it and are reinforcing this skill at the same time.