Bulletin Board Ideas

Here’s a cute BB for fall- Put up a blue sky with a thin strip of green grass at the bottom. Draw a tree branch coming out the side of your BB. Hang acorns and leaves with the children’s names on them off the branch. At the bottom, add squirrels with the teachers’ names, and more leaves and acorns. Make sure to use fall colors! I titled this “Nuts About Fall”. Hope this can be of some use!!

I love 3-D bulletin boards. This one took a little extra work, but it looks great. (I teach in a Christian preschool.) For Creation, Abraham, Noah, etc., cover a large BB with blue paper. I used a bulletin board paper- box, to form a “shelf” or ledge on the top of the BB. Cover this with polyester fiberfill or some other material that makes clouds. I used a staple gun to put the “shelf” up on top of the board. (A regular stapler didn’t hold.) From the clouds, make raindrops – one for each student. I put their names and birthdates on one side and let them glue and glitter the backside. Suspend the raindrop from the clouds at different increments (using a stapler or glue.) I also put other clouds on the board using fiberfill. On top of the board, (on the wall) I put, “God Keeps His Promises.”

During the month of September for my first grade classroom welcoming bulletin board I had the children do the following: I covered the door with white paper. The children traced and cut out heart shapes. In the middle of the heart the children pasted a picture of themselves. Then they wrote their name under the picture. Next each child traced their hand using various colors of construction paper. They wrote their name on each hand. When all were finished I put them together to make a friendship wreath to hang on our door. It is really cute and the children made the welcome back bb! Like all of you I like to see children’s art around the room. I already know how to cut, paste, and color!!

Our theme was China, so my students and I made a joint effort and made a dragon. Each student was given a paper plate (can be recycled!) which they decorated with various colours of construction paper and sparkles. I made a dragon head and attached all of their plates in a curvy line by overlapping them starting at the head and ending with a tail. I then cut out simple legs and our dragon was ready!

On a fairly large BB, draw two cheerleaders ( a boy and a girl) decorate with streamers, ribbons and of course pom poms. Add the words “Three Cheers for good work!”   Have the children add creations that they make in the art center or at the painting center for a BB that you can really CHEER about! 🙂

I teach three year olds and love having them help with BB. During our circus theme the children and I made a BB. First I made a tent out of construction paper and decorated it with different shapes. Then I painted the children’s hands to make different animals. I painted one hand grey to make an elephant and the other was striped with orange and black to make a tiger. Once the children’s hands were painted I took them to the BB and had them turn their hand, fingers down, and make a handprint of each. When they were dry I drew faces on each animal, ear on the elephant, and finally painted tails on each animal. The children loved this as they were able to show their parents their animals. When we were finished with the BB I cut each animal out and sent them home per parents request.

This is a good multicultural board. Cut out figures about 12 inches paper doll type . Have children color them in and add hair eyes, mouth etc. Put them all in a line as if they are holding hands. Have balloons, and or country flags coming up in their hands. Have a big sun in the top middle and the words……We are all a family under one sun.

I got alot of my homemade ideas that I have for art and other activities for kids. Example: easy recipes, things for water play, all little ideas that are inexpensive but keeps little ones busy in the summer. Then I typed on the computer and placed on colored paper in different shapes and sizes and used different edging scissors to cut all around for a decorative trim. Then I placed these nicely all over the BB. I labeled it “Summer Fun Ideas” I cut and colored ice cream cones and pictures of children playing and scattered these around the board to fill in. This was a good way for parents to get simple ideas to keep children busy as they learn. I also told what they where learning with each activity.Example: Water Play— get small butter tubs and other containers and fill some with colored water. Buy some eye droppers and let the children transfer water to different containers and mix colors.This is an excellent activity for eye-hand coordination.

I have a fun bulletin board that I use around Halloween. I read the book “Where the Wild Things Are” and put out construction paper, glue and scissors. I have the children either fold paper in half and cut out strange shapes of different sizes or let them cut freely (folding will give children who are shy about art a jump start on the project) We make silly monsters and I post our “Wild Things” on a special board. The children get very creative with eyelashes, fangs, and claws, and they always brag about their “Things” .

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I teach 3-4’s and for my beginning of the year bulletin board, I am going to make a large tree from scrunched up grocery bags and staple leaves to the top so they look 3-dimensional. I cut out the first letter of each child’s name in bright colors and then wrote their name on the letter. I will staple these up and down the tree. The title of the bulletin board is: Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom, Look Who’s in Our Room. I’ll read that book the first day of school too.

We have a large wall in the back of our classroom covered in corkboard. We painted the background in sky blue and painted clouds in different shapes all around the top of the scene. We painted a large tree shape with bare branches on it. This is a great way to display children’s artwork including leaves or snowflakes they leave for the different seasons. We also put hearts, shamrocks, birds, Santas or whatever else they may make in our tree. Sometimes we even put Christmas lights on it during the Christmas season. It looks great at naptime and the children love it!

At the daycare I taught at over the summer, we had an ocean scene going throughout the school. For my bulletin board, I let the kids decorate their own fish cut out of foam and using hole puncher holes to decorate the fish. then I stapled them to the board which I had painted by the sea. The kids loved looking for their fish that was up on the board.

I am a homeschooler and I do bulletin boards with my son, my favorite one was on lesson I did combining rain and our senses. Using the poem Listen, Listen (see words at bottom) as a basis for our BB, I had him draw pictures of trees, birds, and little children, then we glued “window panes” on top of the pages with the pictures. Cut out lots of raindrops and hang them up all around. Here is the poem, which I got off another post somewhere!


Listen to the drizzle of the rain, sliding down the window pane,

And to the whisper of the breeze playing among summer trees


Listen,to the singing of the birds, in their own chirping words,

And to the giggles of the young,

Listen to sounds often sung.

It was a great activity, exploring things we can hear, as well as learning a poem.