Bulletin Board Ideas

My idea is for a Pre-school bulletin board for Spring/Summer is a living environment. In February we started a unit on flowers then late February we added butterflies and caterpillars and ladybugs. We are now working on tadpoles and frogs. I call it the “Living Habitat” . I have divided the board into 3 sections, the 1st section has the caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs and flowers and the environment you will find them in. The 2nd section has Lilly pads, (made from green tissue paper)tadpoles and frogs. The 3rd section is for our Summer time ocean theme and this is how we will finish our school year. This bulletin board allows us to save time and add to it for 2 months and still keep it looking “fresh”. To liven it up and give it a hands on approach we added a child’s plastic pool and created a living environment as we changed the bulletin board. At first we added water, then we floated flowers in it, brought in some real flowers (roses) and put the ladybugs inside the netting. Next we created a dry area and put our live caterpillars inside and kept the netting as they metamorphosed into butterflies. Currently we have pond water and tadpoles in and created a “pond” for our tadpoles (and soon to be frogs). lastly I will put in some plastic sea life creatures, sand and shells for our living ocean. The children (and parents) enjoy the hands on approach and as a result they have enjoyed countless hours of learning. But we won’t tell them their learning. I’ll just keep writing those observations and they’ll think they’re just having fun.

I got this from a bb book. I cut out a few of each child’s hand in red and pink paper. Then made a huge heart from them on my bb. I added two cupids and on top of the heart I cut out bubble letters that said : FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART

I have a web site that has bulletin board ideas for the music classroom, but some of them could be used in ANY classroom. The link is http://members.aol.com/jasontracy/bulletinboards.html

When studying about the Gingerbread man and the five senses, I covered a sheet of poster board with aluminum foil ( if you can find silver contact paper that would be great!) I folded each end to resemble a cookie sheet. Each child had a gingerbread man on the cookie sheet. We added one feature as often as we could for great behavior. Our “cookies” were decorated in no time!

Our nursery leader at church had a really cute idea. She took finger-paints & had her two little girls put their had prints all over a plain white paper as a background. Then she took pictures of each little child & had the pictures blown up to 5 X 7 and posted them on the bulletin board with their name beneath. This helped her & anyone who substituted when she couldn’t be there.

I teach at an ESE Center. We have mentally and physically handicapped children ages 4-21. Each of the teachers decorates their door each month. We have a theme for each month.. in October (Clothing month), we made a Mr. Potato Head from colorful posterboard with several eyes, noses, mouths, hats, shoes, etc. that could be velcroed on. Students (and staff) would pass by our door and have fun playing with our interactive door!


I traced the letters onto blue construction paper. Then I sprayed the construction paper with spray snow and after it was dry I cut out the letters. They turned out beautiful.

I used white packing foam pieces for the snow at the bottom of the board. I had the children help me glue each individual piece in place.

Then every time we read a book we write the title on a snowball (white circle) and use these snowballs to build a snowman in the middle.

It turns out to be a very nice 3D bulletin board.

To make your life easier, make your “job” or duty chart as child-friendly as possible. I build mine on my bulletin board. I made a forearm and hand and stapled an extra American flag to it for the flag holder. I cut out an old calendar page for the calendar/weather helper. I drew two children and glued them on, one emerging from the page (3-D. I cut a toilet paper roll in half, clipped the ends so they would fold back, glued one child drawing to one end and stapled the other end to the board – 3-D! I cut out a poster board door propped it open for the door holder. I drew a train caboose for the line caboose. I stapled on a napkin for, guess what? the napkin helper; a cup for the cup helper; and a snack wrapper for the snack helpers. The kids then drew their own faces on face shaped paper; I wrote their names and laminated them. Now, they can “read” the board themselves. I did the same with circle time rules. Each rule has a drawing and words. It sure helps when they can “read” for themselves.

(found in mailbox magazine years ago) make a large round circle then use your (teachers) foot to make the turkey head and neck. glue or staple to large circle Have children trace their feet at least 4 times on different colored construction paper and cut out. This will be the turkey’s feathers Curl the feathers out using a pencil (heal toward the body) Makes a very colorful thanksgiving bb.

The first week of summer camp I took (neck up) pictures of all of the campers and used them for my bulletin board. I cut out people shapes(gingerbread man like) and cut out the kids faces and glued them onto the head of the person. Next, I had the kids clue on swimsuits that they decorated. I covered the bulletin board with white paper and then overlapped with wavy blue paper for water and then layered white paper on the blue and lightly sponge painted with beige paint for sand. I then placed all of the kids onto the beach and used some precut buckets and beach balls to decorate the board as well. The kids couldn’t wait to show their parents the board! I was tricky too and posted my info. and important notices here where they were sure to be seen.

For the month of December, I send a Christmas tree shape home with each child the first of the month. With it I send a letter asking the parents to use any materials that they have at home to help their child to decorate the tree. I suggest lace, material, ricrac, sequins, etc. When they finish they bring them back to school and we put them on the bulletin board. I use a blue background with a snow scene. At the end of the month, I leave up the snow scene. and we add snowmen, penguins, etc. for January. The Christmas trees are great because each one is different and the parents and children really like working on this project together!

Cut out a turkey body. Cut out a feather shape for each child large enough to write a message on. Let the child write what they are thankful for on the feather and then attach the feathers to the back of the turkey. This makes a very nice bulletin board decoration. When Thanksgiving is over the children can take the feathers home.

My 3 and 4-year-olds made a great Noah’s Ark bulletin board. We cut out wavey shapes from 3 shades of blue construction paper for the water. Then we fingerpainted the rainbow, glued a sun in the sky and used cotton balls for clouds. I made the Ark from brown construction paper and the children glued on windows. On each window, they glued an animal sticker. I considered using animal crackers, but decided against it, since the little ones might be tempted to eat a few as they passed by in the hallway.