Bulletin Board Ideas

Terrific Bible board using Psalm 34:7 “The angel of the Lord encamps around all those who fear him, and delivers them.” – I took dark purple, bright purple and pink construction paper and cut out simple angels. I then took the same colored construction paper and drew little falling bodies (arms and feet in the air more or less) for my children in my class (praise God I only had 14 to draw : )) using characteristics for each child (i.e. one little boy has an adorable pair of Mickey Mouse overalls he frequently wears, and I have a set of twins which I drew and cut out holding hands). I then took pictures of each child and trimmed their little faces out and glued them on the hand-drawn bodies. Using a dark blue background, I stapled each and every child with an angel holding him/her up. For the lettering I used dark purple and yellow construction paper alternating the color for each letter and then I placed the scripture on the board in a wobbled fashion. I have had several good comments about that board. Parents and teachers appear to love it.

Growing in the garden of Christian love… used pictures of children’s faces cut into carrot tops popping out of the ground. Used green construction paper to make the carrot tops. Put on brown paper background to look like a garden.

This is a really cute board ,I took a picture of all the children in my class with there legs apart and their hands up over their heads.I cut each picture out carefully around each and every corner of them .I found a pattern of a skateboard and put each picture on top of the skateboard.They look like they are skating .I painted a winding path onto construction paper on the bulletin board and placed them all on the path .I titled my board “Skating into Summer” If you would like the pattern for the skateboard please E-mail me and I can send it to you .

For October I do a unit on the human body instead of the usual scary Halloween stuff. My son was afraid of skeletons so I decided to show him what a skeleton really is and that its not scary. The BB for this theme is easy and can be done many different ways. I didn’t do the typical orange and black colors but instead did a red background with a big white skeleton with a smile. We would discuss the parts of the body and label our skeleton. (This is a good time to have the children ‘feel’ there rib cage, elbows, kneecaps, etc.) I always include little skeletons with a picture of each child’s face cut out and glued on, these are smaller than the one in the center and glued on the sides of the board. One parent brought in an X-ray of his hand and we put that on the board too. Throughout October we add art projects that have to do with the body and we also do a week on your teeth and taking care of them. By Halloween the board is full and the kids aren’t scared of skeletons, because now they realize they have one of their own!

For our Summer Enrichment Program music was to be my subject for the children. In keeping with my class “theme,” I cut a teddy bear out of white poster board then colored it brown wearing a blue vest (I cut out the arms and legs separately). On the vest, I put a spot for buttons and using glue and glitter created silver buttons. I then cut out a bow tie from red construction paper and glued it to my teddy bear. I cut out musical notes, clefs, etc…from black construction paper and “Do, Re, Mi” from multi-colored construction paper and stapled them in various placed on the board. Then I wrote a caption bubble saying “If you can ‘bear’ it; we are tuning into summer!!” It is a cute board.

For my three year old class, I traced my kids handprints onto colorful construction paper ( and my own handprints). ” A Teacher Never Does One Thing Single-Handedly, There Are Always Many Little Helping Hands”. I hung up that quote, and then all of our colorful handprints around it.

Farm Bulletin board: Give the children cows cut out of white construction paper. Have them sponge paint black spots onto their cows. Let them dry, when they are dry take a photo of the child’s face and glue it to the cows face. Place onto the B.B. with the caption ” You Look Moovelous!” This is so Cute!

In the Fall, one of our themes is hibernation. We make a bear cave out of brown poster board (the base) and brown bulletin board paper. The children add leaves for a soft bed and we place one of the stuffed bears into the cave. We close it up and add a sign that says “Shhh… the bear is sleeping”. We keep the cave in the classroom all winter and in the Spring out comes the bear with two small cubs. (I purchased the bears at yard sales.)

Spring Detectives

On a standard piece of white paper, draw a large circle that just fits the paper. Divide it into six equal parts. Have one paper per child. In five of the parts draw a picture symbolizing a specific sign of spring in your area. The children can color these pictures. Leave the bottom center wedge clear. As the children find one of each of the pictures, a star is placed on that picture. The bottom wedge is for each child to enter additional signs of spring that they have found outside. This activity really gets the children looking around for signs of spring. We encourage the parents to help point out “spring clues”. We keep these papers on the on the bulletin board under the heading of “SPRING DETECTIVES”.

I teach the twos at a church morning preschool program. My room is called the “Teddy Bear Room”. I cut a large bear out and he stays on the board the whole year. In the fall he may be sitting under the apple tree with his basket full of apples. In October, he wears a costume. In November he’s wearing a pilgrim outfit. (You get the picture) In the winter he has a snowman friend. The children seem to really look forward to seeing what bear is up to. He really becomes a part of our class.

For Easter: I paint a large yellow cross on my board. I then paint a brown cross on the top (Jesus’ Crown) I then take purple material and staple from one arm of the cross to the other. At the bottom of the board, I paint some flowers and I write Jesus has risen at the top.

Spring Flower Art Precut small yellow triangles for students

Small White Dessert Plate

Green Ribbon 2″ wide

Button all sizes and colors Glue triangles all around plate turn over plate glue on lots of buttons glue on Green Ribbons Really Pretty to hang up as a Spring Bulletin Board SPRING IS HERE!

Title:”What a Catch” For the bottom of the bulletin board you use blue paper. This will be the water. At the top you attach string with a paper hook extending just below the water surface. Label the hooks with the children’s names.Attach net to the middle of the board.(I used a small toy hammock)Make a variety of different fish out of construction paper. Label accordingly (letter,numbers,words) or make a fish for each color. Attach the fish to the water(blue). Each child has a turn to identify the fish. If they are correct the fish go into the net. I have also attached paper “crabs” to the side of the board. If the children identify 5 fish in a row they receive the “crab award”.

Make a garden of sunflowers! Cut a circle out of construction paper, the size of a large record. Put the circle on a record player and turn on. Children use a marker to track the circles made while the turntable spins! Then measure the length of each child with green crepe paper (streamers) and use for the stem. Add the petals and leaves and you’ve got a sunflower! Display in a garden bulletin board.

A great way to refresh faded bulletin board borders. Lay them our flat (outside or on newspapers). Use bright neon paints in different colors, and splatter paint the borders. I’ve had teachers from all over the school asking me where I bought my borders !!!