Bulletin Board Ideas

Friendship Trees

Make a classroom tree by painting and planting a large branch (tree). Let each child decorate a leaf and write his/her name on it (or pictures for younger kids). Make individual trees by letting each child color a tree pattern and gluing on leaves with classmates names on them. This is a great Sept. project to help kids learn each other’s names!

I went to a local store and asked if I could purchase the tops to ICEE cups ( those that look like bubbles or the front of a spaceship). I took pictures of my students and cut them into the size circle that would fit on the inside ridge of the ICEE top. It looked just like the kids were in spaceships. I put the bubbles with pictures on a dark blue background and glued silver stars around them. I made a larger paper space shuttle and placed it in the center and added newspaper clippings of John Glenn’s space shuttle trip last year. The kids loved seeing their pictures in these space bubbles.

I teach pre-kindergarten and find little use for my chalkboard. I decided to use a portion of it as a bulletin board/ I bought 4 foam boards that come with a self-adhesive backing, added a little masking tape for reinforcement, and stuck them on the section that I designated for a bulletin board. I cover it with bulletin board paper,(we call it butcher paper). I added a border to the edges and added a caption. I have an instant bulletin board! Hallelujah!!!

For our space theme, we cut enough dark blue paper to cover the bulletin board. But, before putting it up, we had the children dip the bottom of coke bottles in yellow paint and then press the bottles onto the dark blue paper. It makes a great star shape. Once the paint was dry, we hung the paper on the BB. The children had a blast and the board had lots of great yellow stars all over it- perfect for space exploration!

I use the story of the lost sheep in conjunction with March lamb and lion theme. I use a lamb shape and decorate it with cotton balls. For the Lion, the story of Daniel and the lion’s den. Use a lion shape head add yarn for the mane or strips of paper that can be curled around a pencil for students that can do this. Veggie Tales has video and audio tapes of the story of Daniel for use after the story is read. Hang the lions on a bulletin board with the caption “We’re not Lion, we love Jesus!” and for the lambs…”We flock to Jesus” This was cute hung up in the main hallway.

For a beginning school bulletin board, I put up a cheerleader with pom-poms. I take each child’s picture on their first day and put it on a megaphone around the cheerleader. Our first unit in our pre-k curriculum is called “Hooray for Pre-K.” So that’s what caption I use for the bulletin board.

Back to School Bulletin Board-

Title: What a “Grape” Bunch of New Students

The first day of school give each child a purple plate (found at party stores- or have them paint a white one purple). I prefer small dessert plates. Have them turn the plate into a picture of themselves by adding eyes, hair, a mouth, etc. Once dry, arrange the plates on the board in the shape of a bunch of grapes. Add a stem and leaves along with the title “What a ‘Grape’ Bunch of New Students”.

For my Under the Sea Unit, I make a bulletin board entitled OUR UNDERWATER ZOO. The background paper is blue with Brown paper cut for sand along the bottom, and then seaweed (green construction paper) coming out. Every day the children make an underwater sea creature, and we display on bulletin board. Examples are: Crabs, snails, fish, starfish, whale, dolphin, etc. The children really enjoy seeing their creations displayed, and the bulletin board being part of the curriculum. Enjoy!!

For back to school in the fall, I made a large door out of brown paper. (the kind that comes on a large roll) I made a doorknob and a keyhole. then I cut out a key pattern in various colors. I placed each child’s name and photo on the keys and placed them around the large brown door. The heading read”Open Door to Friendship”.

I keep this personal favorite display of mine in my Language Area all year long ( & make appropriate change as needed). Cut out large T-shirt shapes from an assortment of colored paper (one per child) ,with their name written in black marker. Attach clothesline rope to opposite sides of wall or B.B.; then use clothespins to hang the shirts on the line-” Mrs. Tracy’s Class Hangs Out Here”. I also make a smaller version(adding a picture of each child) and keep it up in the Hallway for all the parents to see.We Love It !!!!!!!

This can be used as a bulletin board, or as a display on the wall in class or hallway. I’ve used the wall directly, but you could modify stems for a bb. Each student selects a paint color (primary,pastel, whatever) and paints one hand with it. Be sure all fingers are well coated. Help to make a print. When dry, cut out around the print. Don’t forget to label with students’ names, so they can show others later!

While paint is drying, measure the student, and help to cut a stem of that length. Attach the flower to stem, and tape to hall wall. I add “grass” at the floorboard, and above the display add the caption, “We’re Growing in God’s Love”. This is a nice way to tie in spring, growing, plant units, or use whenever your school needs a little brightening.

Cut egg cartons into sections of 3 cups each. Preschoolers can paint them black or toddlers color with marker. Add black pipe cleaner legs and antenna and you have ants. Next, have children glue pictures of picnic foods on paper plates. Outline your bulletin board with green construction paper and cover the rest alternating red and white. Arrange the plates and ants around the “picnic cloth”.