Bulletin Board Ideas

My idea is for Fall. I use blue fadeless paper as the background. I then put up a tree ( you can either make your own or buy one at a school supply store) The children watercolor paint ( yellow, red, orange, brown ) leaf shapes. When they are dry I write each child’s name on the front and staple them to the tree or free ” floating” on the board. I have the children paint some plain construction paper and then die cut the words, ” Falling For Jesus” This bulletin board is so colorful, and pretty!

I make a border that says “All about Me!” I cut out paper the size of business cards. Under the border I put each child’s name going across. Each day we add a piece of paper under their name. What my favorite color is, what my favorite food is, who I like to play with, my favorite song. . . We do this until we have no more room. We like to read them at circle time. It helps the children to get to know each other.

For a winter theme bulletin board, I cut the shapes to make a penguin: Body: Large Circle (black) Head: Small Circle (black) Stomach: Medium Circle (white) Eyes: Two very small circle (white with dot) Beak: Small triangle (yellow or orange) Wings: Two Ovals (black) I made different types of feet: Ice Skates, Skis, Snow Boots, On Sleds, etc I also made different types of winter hats. The children assembled their penguins however they wanted. They really enjoyed making their penguins special! We made a winter scene with trees, ponds, mountains and snow. The children then picked where they wanted their penguin to play. It was a wonderful bulletin board and enjoyed by parents and children alike. Title: Winter Fun!

I always try to use the children’s’ names on my Head Start bulletin board. For example, if the weekly theme is Fall, I’ll use colored leaves and print each child’s name on a leaf. For Transportation, I’d use cars with their names on them. For Fruit-apples…I give the children their name picture after each theme is over. This helps the children not only recognize and learn to spell their names, but it also makes each child feel very important and special.

Parent involvement is a key part of our Head Start program. To reinforce how important it is, my theme for the bulletin board in the parent room is..”Parents: The Most Important Piece of the Puzzle” Each family has a piece of a cut up poster. When they volunteer, their piece gets to be put into the “puzzle”… My goal is the “puzzle” will be put together in the next two months. The parents LOVE it!

I made a bulletin board for the beginning of school entitled “A Star Was Born On …” and wrote each students name and birthday on a large yellow star. The students all felt very special about themselves and their birthday’s!

My center is out of a church and called St. Marks Ark. I divided the bulletin board on one side I made Noah’s ark with the animals. Next to it, I made a rainbow using patterns from their feet that I traced. Under the rainbow I made grass with tulips from their handprints. The kids love looking at the rainbow, finding their hands and feet.

At our pre-school each teacher selects a name for her students, such as “Lana’s Angels”, “Kathy’s Bunnies” etc. I started teaching music this year so I call my class “Ms. Shirley’s notes”. I made a large bulletin board outside the door of my room using musical notes with 85 notes and put each child’s name on a note. They were very excited about finding their name. To make it easy for them to find their name I put them in classes and put a picture of their class name. Lana’s angels has an angel above them. Tonu’s Tigers are clustered around a tiger, etc. for each of the nine classes that I have during the day.

For Thanksgiving we make a big turkey for the bulletin board. I then give each student a large feather shape, cut out of paper, then they either paint it or decorate it with collage items. Afterwards I ask them what are they thankful for and write it on their feather. The BB heading is “The Thankful Turkey”

I purchased a couple of sunflower garlands over the weekend from the local flea market and put them around my small bulletin board. My calendar is in the center of it. I intend to add some birds. I use this in a teacher education office at my school.

FRIENDSHIPS BLOSSOM HERE! Make large construction paper flowers. Place these around the sides of the board, with large leaves. I even made tiger lilies, by creating a cone shape, glue to long black strands or paper inside, and add little pom-poms at the end. Children bring in a picture of themselves, and this is added to the board. (we have over 100 students at our site). HAVE A GREAT YEAR.

This year, we put the words “We’re Lifting Off To A Great Year” on our board and made small hot air balloons (using colorful construction paper) for each child. We put their names on the balloon part and pictures of them on the basket part of the balloon. It looks very cute!

To encourage “happy faces” on my three year year olds, my beginning school theme is “Preschool Makes Me Happy”. I use happy face stickers for each child during orientation and during art they decorate a flower petal shape with Dot Paint. When dry, I glue a yellow Happy Face in the center of the flower and staple to my bulletin board with my theme. Don’t forget to add the child’s name to their happy face flowers.

Title: Love Bears all things….

I use this verse at the top of a door. My door at church is red so I put Blue bears under it and put the children’s name on a bear as they enter. The bears can be cut out on an Ellison machine, stenciled, or printed out on your computer. The same is so for the verse at the top. Since I have a bear mascot for my three-year-old class, the door goes well with “share bear”.

Title: God Took Care OF MOSES For an entry bulletin board to greet our parent and children as they come into our churches children’s building, I chose to use the theme of our lessons for that month. Therefore, I put a blue background to begin to make the Red Sea. Then, I used white, medium blue, and dark blue shades of blue to give the sea a three-d effect and give the illusion of walls of water. This was simple with scrunching, masking tape, and lots of rearranging. I used sandpaper for the dry land the Hebrews passed over. Then I used a stencil to make cardboard cutouts of Moses, a couple of children, and an Egyptian, all facing the water. In other words, they do not have faces because the view is from the back. I cut small Styrofoam balls in half, sprayed them with glue, and covered them with brown spice. Then, I stuck pins in the back and attached them to the board for rocks. I cut out a cardboard chariot, spray painted it gold and stapled it to the lower left edge of the board with sandpaper under it for the earth. I dressed the cardboard figures in felt, a piper cleaner rod for Moses, small fabric bags for the fleeing children, and a plastic sword for the Egyptian. I attached an Ellison cut horse to the chariot with pipe cleaners. The places Moses on the rock holding his rod outstretched. Lastly, I did not use a traditional border but put Ellison cut white clouds on the top half and had the water and sandpaper come to the edge on the bottom. Also, I had used some Ellen cut waves of various colors to give the appearance of movement in the water. This board took a lot of time but for a first of the year greeting, it was a blessing.