Bulletin Board Ideas

I found that if you use wrapping paper for a bulletin board it gives a real appearance. I look for clouds, balloons, frogs, or anything that will work for one or two themes. I found inexpensive paper at a local wrapping paper store. Check clearance bins too.

This is a 3-D BB for Valentine’s Day. I teach 2 year olds at a Christian preschool. I made a large candy box out of 2 pieces of red poster board. I cut as big a heart as I could get from each piece, then used the leftover pieces and made strips about 2″ wide that I used to make an inside lip on each heart. I used a glue gun to put the top and bottom of the “box” together. Inside one of the halves of the box, I glued a pink paper cupcake cup for each child in our class. I took a picture of each child and cut it down to fit inside each cup (like a piece of candy). I cut 2 slits in the side of the top so it would fit over the bottom, but look like it was open and sitting barely on top to reveal the candy. On the top, I put a “label” which read: Our Assorted Sweeties, and an ingredient list: Ingredients: God, love, laughter, friendship, and 2% mischief. The top of the bulletin board read: Our hearts belong to the Lion Cubs (the name of our class). I added pink and red hearts all over the board. Everyone raved. Very cute!

Make a Spring Bulletin Board by crinkling strips of brown bags. These will form your tree. Cut strips to resemble a trunk and branches. Have the children decorate branches with thumbprints to create flowering buds. Then give the children small rectangle pieces of paper. Let them fill the rectangles with pink, yellow and purple fingerprints; add a green Popsicle stick in the middle of the fingerprints and you have rows and rows of blooming hyacinths. Make tye-dye coffee filter daffodils for extra color. Now, your class has a colorful blooming board to celebrate Spring!

For a cute winter bulletin board, decorate your board with white butcher paper or contact paper making a snow covered hill that slopes down from one corner to the other. Add patterns of children on sleighs with the children’s names printed on them and add a caption like “Sled Us Welcome You To Our Class” This was a big hit this winter in my pre-K class!

Want to make a tree in your classroom that can be changed with the seasons? Use brown mailing paper to “sculpt” the trunk and branches. The more crumpled the paper, and more twisted, the better it looks. Attach to the walls (looks great in a corner) with stapler. After adding the branches, you may add a silk leaf garland throughout the branches. It looks so authentic and you can add seasonal leaves, flowers, butterflies and apples. We added a handmade swing that hung from the ceiling.

Our March bulletin board goes along with the theme of lions and lambs. Each child cuts a large lamb from preprinted white paper, colors the face and feet, and glues lots of cotton balls to the body. When these dry, I put them on a purple background, and add the words “I am Jesus’ Little Lamb”. This is also our song of the month, and I have printed the words to the song and some graphics out, mounted them on coordinating construction paper, and laminated them. They go in the corner of the display. Another board that could use lambs is “I’m not Lion… Jesus loves me”. For this one, children could make lions from paper plates, add sticky tape in mane colors, and add wiggle eyes.

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I turned my bulletin board into a candy shop. Any colors will do for the background and the boarder. On the bottom half of it, I made the outline of shelves with strips of inch-wide black paper, angling them for a 3-D effect. Then, I drew the top half of the body of my store clerk, Mr. (or Mrs. Agape. I put him up on the top half, so that it looked like he was standing behind the counter. Then I filled the shelves with hear-shaped jar pictures, photo-copied onto white paper and then cut out. Each student had a jar with his/her name on it. For the next few weeks, if the kids were caught in a random act of kindness/love, they were rewarded with a heart-shaped sticker to put on their jar. I wrote what they did on the heart so that they looked like those conversation heart candies. (Ex: shared) The caption on the board said “God’s Love Fills Our Hearts.” It was rewarding to see them become conscious of their actions towards others. Plus, they got to take their jars home to share with parents!

My job/helper bulletin board was made using painted handprints of my students. After making the handprints with different colors of temper paint, the prints were cut out and each child’s name was written on their handprint. I laminated these, which has made them much more durable (very important since they are moved around on the board weekly) and Velcro was placed on the back of each one. I came up with several chores (i.e. line leader, door holder, group helper, fish feeder, etc.) and I rotate the handprints as the chore helper changes. The boarder that I use is one with handprints as well which was purchased at a school supply store. Our “Helping Hands” board has become a big hit with my children and their parents.

For the theme shapes and Healthy bodies I titled it “Getting in SHAPE for the new year.” and I cut out a bunch of shapes and made a shape person with a barbell in his hand. It turned out really cute.

For our February hall bulletin board, I had each of the children paint two large precut hearts red or dark pink, then when they were dry I stapled them together, stuffing with tissue paper before sealing them. Then the class used heart-shaped cookie cutters to print a variety of heart sizes and colors on a piece of white bull. board paper to fit our board. When dry, the paper was put up, the 3-d hearts were added, and I added the caption “Jesus Loves Me” in red fun foam letters. Our “song of the month” for February is “Jesus Loves Me”. If you teach in a public setting, you could change the caption to something like Valentine Friends.

Our Easter bulletin board this year will read, “Check Out These ‘Egg-straordinary” Kids!” Each child will decorate an egg shaped poster board picture frame with bits of crumpled tissue paper in bright spring colors. When finished, we’ll glue a photo to the back of each frame and attach them to the bulletin board.

I had my health/nutrition and Valentine’s themes mixed into one great bulletin board. I gave out to each child a big heart cut-out and an index card. Their homework was to put on the heart things that made them happy. (pictures of family, foods they liked, etc.) In the index card the parents were to write their recipe and ingredients for a Happy Heart. I then put in the middle of my Bulletin Board a giant heart with the words: The beginning of wellness is a Happy Heart. I then put everyone’s heart cut outs and recipes all around this heart. The results were not only great but emotional, I even cried when I saw one of the recipes: “A little of God’s love, Hugs and Kisses from Mom , mix it in with a great teacher and friends and you’ll have a happy heart” Most of them were very original and emotional. Great way to start a theme on Wellness!

Don’t “Hog” All the Hugs, There Are Plenty For Everyone!

Have your children paint both a large and small paper plate pink. After the plates are dry, glue the plates together with a little bit overlapping. Give the children 1/4 piece of pink paper and 1/2 piece black paper. Tell them to cut 2 triangles and a circle out of the pink paper. This will be the ears and the nose of the pigs. Have them fold their black paper in half and then half again and cut a “W” shape. When they have cut that they will have four pig feet. Then have them cut two small black circles for the nose. Glue on wiggly eyes and draw a mouth. Give them 1/2 of a pink pipe cleaner and show them how to curl it around a pencil. Tape it on as the tail.

Have your children make heart valentines to place around the pigs for a really cute Valentine bulletin board!

Just a simple idea that only requires the pictures you take of the class & a new ‘heading’. Parents and children alike LOVE looking at pictures we take of the children doing different activities at school… for special occasions and ordinary days doing special projects! Our most recent are the pictures from our 2 week preschool break, but daycare still met. The heading is “What did you do during the holiday break?” The pictures are the daycare children making mini pizzas, cookies, Jesus cake, ornaments, parachute ‘tent’, box maze, etc. 🙂

Be creative and fun by making a I Spy bulletin board. Use letters, shapes, toys, pictures of the children etc. Once a day select a item for the children to find.

After reading the book , “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert,I had the students in my class take home a white construction paper snowman and a note that asked parents and their child to work on it and decorate their snowman in any creative way they could. They came out adorable!!! We have some made with stickers, marshmallows, cereal, twigs, candy, raisins, plastic forks (for arms), pom poms, etc…The parents enjoy this as much as the kids! they are really a delightful display in our hallway.” Our Snowfolks Will Melt your Heart”

Blizzard bulletin board. Snow scene with a snowman with the teachers name on and different snowflakes with the children’s names with the words Welcome to our blizzard of friends (or fun)!

Bulletin Board: DECEMBER CAPTION TITLE: A celebration of Holidays, Use Pre-cutouts of Menorah, Star of David, Christmas Trees, Kwanzaa (Afro-American Holiday (importance about working together) and also Ramadan The Half moon and star. I work in a public school for preschoolers; We acknowledge all the holidays that occur in December. The children color Dreidels, stars, for Hanukkah, we continue with Santa heads (use multi-color construction paper to make Santa heads for Christmas, Kwanzaa, we construct fruit baskets and Ramadan, we color family member, the father, mother, son and daughter, all holding hands in unison.