Bulletin Board Ideas

The caption at the top of the board is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” can be made with the Ellison machine (letters) or you can create them yourself. Then, you string lights (small white Christmas type) along the board. A dark blue background is best. Use the Ellison machine or cut out a star for each one of your children. Then, write their names on their star. Use a hole punch to make a hole in one of the points of each star. Then place the stars over the lights by putting the light through the hole punched through the star.

I use this bb for April and May. Title:” April Showers Bring May Flowers” I paint one of each of the children’s hands and press it on white paper and cut it out along the edges. I then staple or tape it to a stem with petals. I then cut out different sizes of raindrops (I use blue construction paper) I then let the children paint their finger prints in blue or white paint and press them on the raindrops. I put brown bb paper about halfway up the bb with the top curving to look like the ground and put white bb paper for the rest (sky). I then put the raindrops falling from the sky and the flowers along the ground. I put the title along the top.

Have children create painted hand prints or cut out their hand print. Title your bulletin board:  Kindergarten is a Hands on Experience.  You could also do:  Preschool is a Hands on Experience.

1. Birthday club (month) acknowledge the child’s birthday for that month (ex. the child will wear a button or a hat or even a sticker for that day.

2. Chore Calendar- everyday a child will be selected to carry the toothbrushes to the bathroom etc.

This is a great April bulletin board! The caption is “April showers bring….Mud Puddles!” Have the children make brown footprints on the paper. This turns out really cute.

A cute idea for a summer bulletin board is to use bulletin board paper (green for grass, blue for sky). Using any color paint have child take off shoe and paint their barefoot (only one) and place on white construction paper. Cut out around footprint and write the name of the child on the print. Use the heading “Stepping into Summer” and cover board with footprints. Add cotton ball clouds and butterflies, flowers etc. Looks nice for summer.

Since I don’t get very much spare time during the day in my busy preschool room to make new bulletin boards for our bi-weekly themes…I use it at a circle time activity. I cut out the letters at home and put contact paper on them. Then I stick them to a table and have the children take turns retrieving the letters I ask for and helping to stick them on the wall. They have lots of fun doing it and it is great for letter identification! Also, if you are as tired as I am of tracing out little letters for phrases on bulletin boards I would suggest printing them out on construction paper from your computer. This makes it easy and it gives you the opportunity to use different fonts.

Look How We’ve Blossomed: Have a pictures of each child starting with baby pictures and going up to the child’s current age. Have the children color coffee filters and glue the pictures in the center of the filter. Just add a green pipe cleaner and construction paper leaves.

“Launch into summer” or “Get into books and out of this world!!!” with this bulletin board idea. Use watercolor paints to make coffee filter planets. Cover bb with black paper and scatter planets. Add construction paper stars with children’s names and the titles of books they’ve read. Or add rocket ships with narratives of students plans/goals for the summer.

For our transportation unit I cut car shapes out of white poster board and letting the children each choose any color they wished, I had them finger-paint their car shapes. The title of the bulletin board reads: Where Is Your Car Going? I made roads out of rectangular pieces of black construction paper, and stapled to the b.b. on a slant so that roads went up and down. I used chalk to make a dashed line down the middle of the “roads”. I “interviewed” each child separately and asked them where their car was going. Each answer was different because they could not hear each other’s responses. I typed up their answers using a child-like font in parenthesis and their name underneath. It made a very colorful display with orange, blue, green and purple cars!

My 4&5 year olds love the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” On our bulletin board I painted a large palm tree. I then stapled letters of the alphabet all over the bb. Next, I put each child’s picture on a coconut (brown circles) and stapled it next to the first letter of their name.

I divided my bulletin board into 20 boxes (one for each child). I put their name on each box. Above the bb I hung up a sign that read “Artists Corner.” The children were free to hang up any artwork they made at school or home in their box. They could also change it as often as they wanted. I kept this bb up for 5 months – it was a hit.

I am planning a bulletin board for the end of the year that will incorporate all three of our classes. For the youngest children (ages 3-4) their part of the bulletin board will be buds or small flowers with their pictures in the middle. (They are our up and comers) The three and four year olds will be the leaves on a tree and the ones who are leaving us for kindergarten will be the birds (or butterflies) who have “emerged” and are now “flying off” into the future. Each part of this bulletin board should have the child’s picture on whatever they are (flower, leaf or bird) The tree, of course, represents the school. Happy stapling!

At the beginning of the school year, I decide what colors I will need for the next 9 months on my bulletin board and I begin putting them in layers …This way…When I am finished with August (yellow) I simply pull the top layer off and I already have the background for Sept. then Oct. Nov…Dec….Makes my life much more simple and efficient!!!

I like to use the names of all the children in my room to decorate the bulletin board on the outside of our classroom. For spring I made large colorful flowers and put each child’s name on a flower. Then I made equally large raindrops and wrote things that children need to grow on them. For instance, love, hugs, encouragement, etc. The title for my bulletin board was “rain make the flowers grow”. It serves as a double meaning. To complete the board I added “grass” to the bottom by cutting green paper halfway so that it hangs off the board. It’s very springy and a very powerful statement.

This is a bulletin board that the children will enjoy making. It is a three day process. On the first day the children are given large, green, tree-top shapes and asked to make collages. They can use dried peas, green tissue paper, green paint, any materials which are green to make their own unique collages. On the second day, the children are given different shades of blue paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls, and glitter to make their own clouds. On the third day, they are given a picture of themselves which can fit into a square shape inside different colored airplane shapes. They can chose whatever color they want and decorate their planes however they want. The green collage tree-tops are placed on the lower section of the bulletin board and the clouds are placed towards the top area while the airplanes are scattered about the board with black “flying marks” trailing behind. The children will enjoy seeing themselves as pilots on the bulletin board.