Bulletin Board Ideas

I put a white piece of bulletin board paper up. Each child chooses either red or pink to paint their hands. They put their handprints on the paper. Then I write their name under it. We add the saying – “A Show of Hands …. We LOVE Jesus!! We usually put the saying on two red hearts. Then we add heart border.

My idea is a great way to keep your parents informed of the days events. Put a bulletin board on your entrance door. I use a medium size board and put trim around it. I hang it on the door so it is eye level with the parents each day. I put a thought for the day ( this month being Feb. all thoughts have to do with love! ) and any important information, such as closing dates, items to be bought etc. i also put a not that has a sun and cloud on it that says ” What We Did Today” on it I put what the children ate for all meals and everything we have done for the day. I feel it is a good way to keep all parents involved and I have found it easier that sending home notes! In fact I get more comments on it and it makes me feel like I have done a good job!

Children can make the border for bulletin boards by using rubber stamps or sponge shapes dipped in paint to print on adding machine paper tape.

For Christmas I got loads of compliments for this BB:  Have students paint brown cookie shapes with white paint which sand has been added to for texture. Then sprinkle glitter or real cookie decorations onto the “frosting”. I had the children choose 3 of their favorites and glue them to a paper plate. Use cut-out letters that say “Happy Holidays from My Bright Batch of Smart Cookies”. I also had a colorful gingerbread boy on this board.

We have used the Space theme several times………..We put stars as the border……..Dark blue paper for the sky……and the children decorate the board with Stars-that they have covered with aluminum foil——–in the center is a pie tin……that has been painted with gold highlights……the children also have their rockets-which are made of toilet paper rolls and the triangular water cups……attached to the bulletin board …….

Makes it look like everyone is shooting for the stars……and the kids love the effect.

For Mother’s day and Valentine’s day make tiny hearts out of pink construction paper then make green stems. Put all the pink hearts together to form a bouquet. The Theme is Bouquet of Birthdays then tie bows to put on the stems it is a really cute idea!

One of our parents donated a large piece of felt to the class. It was a long, rectangular piece maybe 1’w by 3′ long. Anyway, we took out different color paints, cookie cutters and shaped sponges. The children made a classroom banner for our toddler room, by making prints with the cookie cutters and sponges on the felt. It was a fun group project, and we kept it up all year long. We wrote the year and the name of our school on it and plan to make one each year.

Take a photograph of your bulletin boards and keep in a photo album. This is great when you want to share your bulletin board ideas with other teachers or when you want to go back and see what you have done in the past.

For a bulletin board covering I have used the plastic that a christmas trees are bound with. It is like plastic fishnet webbing. It works well. All you have to do is use clothespins to hang artwork, etc. on it. Also, I have used cord type fishnet.

“My Friends” Bulletin Board

Background- put neutral color burlap as backing, use “Little Children of the World” or Kids trim.

Then I made children “paper dolls” out of posterboard (8 1/2 x 14), all different colors, just put underwear on them to start and laminated them. I made yarn hair and added real bows and barrettes for the girls. Then I made clothes from fabric or from paper for each Season or Theme that we were studying—Back to School kids got backpacks and school T-shirts, then we added jackets and sweaters, then Winter coats, hats, mittens. For Halloween the kids got costumes, Christmas we dressed them as Santa, Elves and Reindeer. Let your imagination come into play! Ask the class what the kids need to wear. You can add velcro to the clothes and children to make the board interactive. It is fun for the class to see what their “friends” will be wearing.

I have found that fabric works so much better to cover your bulletin boards than the paper. In the long run, you really save money and a lot of time because the fabric will last all year and will not fade or show staple holes. Also, your patterns are endless.

When I taught Pre-K I always kept one Bulletin Board for the children to decorate with their own “creative art”. Usually, they would give me drawings to put up on the board. This made them feel that they were really special when their own “stuff” was put up!