Bulletin Board Ideas

I teach 2-year-olds, and they help with the artwork that goes up on the bulletin board.  For Thanksgiving, we had a horn of plenty with the children’s favorite fruits or vegetables spilling from it and the words “Happy Thanksgiving” spreading across the bottom. The children helped by painting large sheets of butcher block paper different colors. They then chose which was their favorite fruit or veggie by choosing from a large array offered. (The stencils were large, app. 8″ tall apples, 10″ long carrots, etc.). After the children chose their favorite fruit / veggie, I traced and cut out the item on one of the painted sheets of paper. The child’s name was added to it (I also added the food name–several chose a potato–and I wasn’t sure if adults would know what they were.

The nicest thing about using painted paper was the fact that the colors were not solid like construction paper, and, I felt they were much brighter. We also mixed colors (red and yellow and got a unique looking orange with streaks of the two original colors) and used different objects (treaded toy car wheels, leaves, cotton balls, q-tips) to paint with to add a different texture to the paper. For spring, we traced each child’s hand on the painted paper and added a stem and leaf, as well as the child’s name.

We have one cork bulletin board that always has a brown tree trunk with branches on it. I started by placing pictures of the children and family members for a family tree and a unit on families; appropriate Bible verses were included on construction paper at the bottom of the board.

As the seasons change, we change the board accordingly – multicolored leaves for fall, fruit etc. (let the children harvest the fruit from the tree), bare branches for winter with icicles and snowflakes; tiny bright green leaves and blossoms for spring – you get the idea. My boys look forward to bulletin board changing time and offer many suggestions. It’s given them an awareness of seasons.

We study a color a week in our 3 yr old class. The children cut out pictures of that color. We then dedicate an entire bulletin board so the kids can hang their pictures. They get really excited about it. They really learn the colors and they improve on their cutting skills too! At the end of the unit, we have Rainbow week. We draw a huge rainbow on a white background and use different things for each color. For example, wadded up tissue paper for red, cut up construction paper for blue, colored cotton balls for yellow, etc.

This is an inexpensive background for a bulletin board.  Take an old, white sheet and hang it on a fence outside.  Give the children spray bottles filled with watered down tempera paint OR food coloring.  Have the children spray the colors all over the sheet.  When it dries, it is a beautiful rainbow of colors and it makes a perfect background for any bulletin board!

After reading Eric Carle’s story, The Mixed Up Chameleon, have the children make their own chameleons. They can make them from shapes that have been painted and cut out to look like body parts from the story. After the children are finished with their crazy chameleon, make a big class chameleon on a bulletin board by putting similar colors together and adding a chameleon head and tail. This looks really cute and the children love to see their creations as part of a class project.

For use during a unit on FRIENDS:

Make a bulletin board with the Phrase “Caught Being a Good Friend”. I used Ellison Die Cuts of Cameras and filmstrips. When I caught a student being a good friend to another student, I added their name inside one of the squares of the filmstrips.

I just finished putting up a bulletin board with all pictures of all the children. They painted a coffee filter with water colors and glued a cupcake liner in the center. I cut out a picture of each child’s face and they glued it in. I then placed them on the bulletin board with green construction paper grass and leaves with curling ribbons stems. The title “We’ve blossomed and grown.”

For any dark corner of your room, (and we have a lot as our room is all paneled) use white paper and cover it in the children’s hand prints. Use all different color paints. Let the children mix them and see what happens. You can also do this with footprints and have the children “jump” from one spot to another. Use the slogan “We are growing by leaps and bounds.

We just did a great BB. My kids love the book “Rumble in the Jungle.” We made a board out of all the characters in their favorite book. The book is so colorful that it adds splash to the darkest of rooms.

I have this one up all of March. Make a banner that says WILL MARCH BE LIKE A LION OR A LAMB?  Then have half of the class make lions faces out of paper plates and half make lambs. It is cute and they seem to love it.

This is not for an actual BB, but I have used this idea a lot in my classroom. I find wrapping paper that I like or think will add an interesting touch (my favorite was a Sally Foster Hologram Roll), and glue to a poster board. I then cut my letters on the Ellison, although the letters could easily be traced with stencils. I laminate them when I have finished the cutting process. The outcome has given me some inexpensive and interesting BB letters. An easy way to substitute for construction paper.


Cut out a dinosaur out of construction paper, (try to use more durable paper). Have the children bring in a small bag of their favorite cereal. Then let them glue on all the different types of cereal all over their dinosaur, to make a cerealsauras. It’s cute to watch which cereal they pick and if they have some sort of pattern or just place it all over. Either way it’s really cute and makes for an interesting bulletin board.

During our B week, my KinderPrep class studied bears. I die-cut enough bears to make a rainbow when they were stapled up. The children added yarn, construction paper, and wallpaper scraps for details. The BB was titled, “Some Bear Over the Rainbow.”

For a Birthday B.B. I use a background of black paper and put the children’s names and birthdates on a yellow star edged in glitter the stars are put up randomly on the board with the title ” A Star is Born”

I put up a bulletin board of large sunflowers and titled it with “Mrs. Rainer’s Garden”. On the first day of school I took a good close-up picture of each child with a big smile then when the pictures were developed I cut the pictures to fit the child’s bright, smiley face in the middle of a flower. This is a bright and cheerful and pretty bulletin board!

I work in a pre-school that shares the building with a denominational school. We were not able to honor all the holidays because they would be offended with anything other than their own. We needed to find a bulletin board that would please everyone at the holiday time. We have a rather large bulletin board, 12′ x 5’…so this would work on a wall too. We came up with a great one.

I drew five penguins on ice skates and let the children color in their hats, wings, beaks and skates. Then I cut out a large circle out of poster board and let them paint the shiny side with glue and white glitter. This was a great looking ice rink for the penguins. Then we used large sheets of white paper and the children sponge paint it purple and then white on top. This made a night sky for background. We added some trees that the children made and hung paper snowflakes that they cut out in front of it. The children loved the board and it stayed for two months. The parents loved it too and it really added a lot of color to the room. It takes time but believe me it’s worth it.

For a Spring bb, I have the kids make kites using coat hangers bent into a diamond shape, different colors of tissue paper (they pick what color they want their kite to be), and construction. paper to add details, such as, a black strip horizontally and vertically to divide it like a kite and different colors to make bows own attached yarn (for string). Then I take a picture of each child outside with their hands up in the air like they’re flying a kite and attach them below their hanger kite they made, with their hands holding the yarn. I title it, Reaching New Heights in Kindergarten. The whole school always stops to look at the pictures of the kids and their kites.

I am the first “star of the week” in my class. I put up a bulletin board with pictures and descriptions of fun events in my life (1st birthday, Christmas, sporting events, pets, family, etc.). The children love to see what I looked like at their age. They ask a lot of questions. This also serves as a source of information for parents that would like to know more about the person teaching their child.

This idea I have on my class door. I took my class out side and took their pictures. I had them one to four at a time get in the shape of the letter of the alphabet. For instance the easiest was the letter Y . A boy in my class stood there with his arms out. The letter M were two girls standing with one girl on her knees in the middle. Their hands were on her shoulders. I cut them out in the right shape to give more definition. and backed them in white on a red background. The parent response is un real. They LOVE it!!!