Bulletin Board Ideas

bulletin board ideas

Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin board ideas for preschoolers through second grade.

I work in a daycare that cares for 4-12-year-olds so it is hard to find a bulletin board that they all enjoy. I discovered that they all love to have their names on a board, so I created a name tree.Cut a tree (without leaves) out of bulletin board paper. I had mine laminated to prevent it from tearing. For summer, I made green leaves for the tree and wrote each child’s name on a leaf. I stapled them onto the tree, along with some red berries for color. For fall, use colored leaves, winter, snowflakes. Spring I’m still working on, but i was thinking of putting green leaves on the tree, and flowers around the tree with the children’s names on them.

I got this idea from another site and added my own twist to it. This is a great First Day Back to school. The Title:”Our Future Looks So Bright, That We Have To Wear Shades”. Buy about five sunglasses and use a camera to take a picture of each child with a pair of sunglasses of their choice OR buy enough for the whole class for the first day of school gift. You can then cut out paper sunglasses and put your children’s pictures in the “lens” of the paper sunglasses. OR you can use one pair of paper sunglasses for each child and put their picture in one lens and “All About Me” info in the other lens. Whichever way, it will look great. You can make a nice sunny background 🙂 Enjoy!

For my preschool bb, I make “Helping Hands” for our job chart. I cut child-size handprints out of solid colored vinyl placemats then I take a picture of each child to put in the center of each hand. I put Velcro on the back and on the bb (which is covered in a solid coordinating paper) under the captions for the various jobs we have in our class–such as flag holder, leader, caboose, etc. The Velcro allows the hands to be moved each day.

I am a privileged speech pathologist who works in the in the school sector. Recently, I was given my own classroom and my own bulletin board. I’ve come to find that there aren’t many “speechy” bulletin board ideas, so I came up with my own. I called it “I heard it through the speech vine.” I strung vines across the board, put my students’ pictures and a sample of their work. It looked great!

Use a good camera with zoom lens and have each of the children pick something out that they’d like to take a picture of. Such as ball, mat, light switch, etc. Then have an adult take the child with them and take a CLOSE-UP picture of the item. Keep a list (numbered 1-10 or how many children there are). On #1 put the first child’s name and what picture they took. That way when you get the pictures developed you will be able to keep track or them. Now, for the bulletin board: Put the pictures up with the child’s name by it. (You could put a piece of construction paper behind the picture to give it more color). In the center of all the pictures put the words “Guess What This Is”. The children have lots of fun guessing each other’s pictures and they also learn about textures by seeing what things look like very close up.

To start our kindergarten year off we made a friendship train. Each child traced his hand on colored construction paper and then cut them out. They added to circle black wheels and printed their name with a felt pen on their hand print. I then stapled them to a bulletin board behind a train engine that I had previously made. The bulletin board looks great and it was a nice display in the classroom for our school open house.

160 students use our rooms during the week for preschool. On a large board, make 3-dimensional flowers. Use colorful construction paper, with pom-pom centers, and large green leaves. Entitle it: Friendships Blossom at School Children bring in a picture of themselves. Post these pictures on board. At the end of the month, each teacher gets her group of pictures. This is used at the end of the year, for the cover of the ALL ABOUT ME BOOK. Amazing how the children change in one school year.

I work in a public library where money is tight, so I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive bulletin board ideas. Rolls of colored paper and pre-cut letters can get expensive, so I’ve found lots of substitutes that are cheaper and just as good, sometimes even better! For backgrounds, I have used wrapping paper, newsprint, and donated fabric. My favorite thing to use as a background is the solid-colored vinyl tablecloths you get at the dollar store. I once used a blue one for a water background and the effect was great since it was shiny. (I also used green vinyl tablecloths to turn my roundtables into “lily pads”.) I also like to cut my own letters out of wrapping paper…this works best if you draw the letters backward on the back side of the wrapping paper, then cut them out & laminate. I’ve even used vinyl pool floats from the dollar store to cut up & make letters. Use rubber cement to attach them to the background so they’ll lay flat. Air-popped popcorn shaken in a bag with dry tempera paint makes great blossoms for a bulletin board tree, too, and crumpled paper bags make good tree trunks & branches. Wood-grained contact paper cut into strips makes a realistic split-rail fence. Have fun!

For my hallway bulletin board, I decided to do a religious theme. Since my fours love to tear and cut paper we did several tearing and cutting projects that week. We made rainbows, bees, and trees.

Here’s what you need: assorted colored construction paper scissors, glue sticks work the best with this project, and white or cream construction paper to glue your rainbow to.

Steps: Have children cut and tear the construction paper, then have them lay out the rainbow before gluing so they understand what they will be doing. Next, let them glue it all together.

Trees and Bees are done the same way.

If you do this as a bulletin board use the heading “God made the world wonderful”. Also use a rainbow border, it looks wonderful!

I found that using a couple of yards of fabric works wonders for adding color and decoration to the room. You can purchase panels of lots of seasonal items too. I did one outside our door with Tony the Tiger and used press lettering saying “Our students are GRRREAT.” The whole school loved it. I use this especially when I don’t have a lot of time to decorate a board. I have 3 that I change on a regular basis. You can also use fabric as a border by taking a strip of material the outside length of the board and however wide you want it and just make loops all around the board; stapling at every loop. Let me know if you give it a try:))

For a fun bulletin board to support your popcorn theme, try this: Make the title “Look Who Popped In”. Cut 5-inch pieces of white construction paper to look like popcorn. Take each students’ picture up as a close-up headshot, develop and cut out following the outline of their heads. Glue to center of popcorn kernel. Make a popcorn popper out of construction paper and place on board. Purchase cardboard popcorn boxes or bags and place on board, along with extra popcorn pieces. Decorate the board using these items.