Bug Snacks

You can make a butterfly by using a celery stick as the body.  Cut a pineapple ring in half and place one-half on each side of the celery stalk.  Fill in the hole in the ring with either cream cheese or cottage cheese.  You can use raisins for polka dots and eyes (use a bit of the cheese to make them stick to the celery.)

You can make bug sandwiches.  You use a dinner roll (use tuna or anything else for the filling) and use very thin carrot sticks as the legs.  You can use olives for the eyes and lettuce leaves as wings.

Edible Spiders.

You’ll need: round crackers, peanut butter, mini M&M’s, Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers (cut into 1-inch pieces.)

Give each child 2 crackers, peanut butter, 2 M&M’s,and a piece of licorice.  Have them spread the peanut butter on one cracker.  Pull the licorice apart and place eight “legs” on the cracker.  Place the other cracker on top.  Dab two spots of peanut butter on cracker top and stick on M&M’s for eyes. 

Lady Bugs.

Ingredients: Vanilla Wafers, frosting, red food coloring, small M&M’s, and thin, black licorice.

Mix food coloring into the frosting and spread it on a wafer (good for motor skills.)  Take eight pieces of thin licorice (about an half inch long) and use six as legs and two as antennas.  Give each child 5-6 M&M’s and have them put on some colorful spots!  Kids really love making these and then eating them.

Here is an oldie but goodie!

Ants (Bugs) on a Log.

Needed: Raisins (ants) or prunes (bugs), celery, peanut butter (make sure no one in your class is allergic.)

Give each child a piece of celery.  Have the children wash and dry their celery.  Next, have them spread peanut butter on the celery and put either their ants (raisins) or their bugs (prunes).  Eat up!

You could also use cream cheese if you have children in your class who are allergic to peanut butter.