Bug Snacks

Spread thick blob of cheese or peanut butter on a cracker for a body.  Stick 8 noodles/pretzels in for legs and it decorate with raisins or chocolate chips (for eyes.)  Great snack for preschool!!

Ants on a Stump.

The children really enjoy this twist on the old time favorite, Ants on a Log.  I take apples and slice them in circular shapes, and the children then take their peanut butter, spread it and sprinkle with raisins.

Apple Ladybugs.

Cut an apple in half.  Use 1/2 apple for the body.  Dot peanut butter on skin.  Place raisins on apple where peanut butter is for spots.  Use marshmallow on toothpick for head.  Use pull ‘n peel Twizzlers for antennas.

Supplies: Gummy worms, Oreo cookies, sandwich bags and paper cups.

Place Oreo cookies in a sandwich bag and let the kids crush them.  Then dump them into to paper cup and add gummy worms.  Then they can eat worms and dirt!

Mix orange juice, 7-up (or any clear soda) with peach yogurt (or any kind of sherbet.)  Pour the mixture into 5 oz. cups.  Give each child a small drink stirring straw.  Tell the children to drink their flower nectar juice.  You can also tape flower patterns around the top of the cups.