Bug Art

Cut a large red circle and a small black out of construction paper and glue them together. Let the children put their finger prints on the red circle and you have ladybugs.

You will need to work with each child individually for this project. Paint both feet (I like the appearance of painting better than walking into the paint) with a pastel color of the child’s choosing. Press the feet onto a sheet of white construction paper with the heels together. Cut them out. Wrap a pastel-colored pipe cleaner around the middle section. Bend the ends. You have just made a footsy-fly! So much fun and a wonderful, happy experience for a child…….to be tickled with a paint brush on the feet!!!!

Crunchy Beetle

Copy a simple beetle on white construction paper. Use black or brown liquid watercolor paint or food coloring to color egg shells. Have the children paint their bug and let dry . Next glue on black or brown crushed up egg shells depending on what color they painted their beetle.

I cut out a large shape of a snail shell and let the kids paint it all different colors, then they attached a long light green head (looks like a snail) and put a large wiggle eye on them, looks really springy and very cute!

save the silver lids from frozen juice. Let the kids paint them red. When dry let the kids glue on a black circle cut out of construction paper (this will be the head) Glue black small pom poms on the painted juice lid. add wiggle eyes to the head and add a magnet on the back. Such a cute and original magnet for mom!

This can be rather messy. Make sure and wear a paint shirt! Enlarge pictures of bugs and then place them outside on the sidewalk. Give a child a fly swatter with some paint on it and let them swat away!