Bubble Games

We work on body parts while playing with bubbles. Have kids pop the bubbles with two hands, one finger, thumb, elbow, head, knee, foot as you direct them. I print off pictures of the various body parts, and one child at a time gets to come up and choose one, and then tell their friends what to pop the bubbles with. They love this game!

Children must remove shoes and walk across bubble wrap; light as a feather, heavy as an elephant, fast as a cheetah… without popping any bubbles.

Packing Bubbles: Get construction paper (different Colors) and place them under the packing bubbles. Tape the packing bubbles on the floor. Have the children step on the packing bubbles and see the reaction you get. I entitled this “Pop music” Play some music while your doing this!! Another idea is to place pictures of the children under the packing bubbles. Tape it to the wall (anywhere is good) and have the children pop the bubbles and discover who is under the the packing bubbles.

The children and I were unpacking all the toys we received. We found lots of bubble wrap, they enjoyed popping the bubbles a lot that we decided to do different activities for them. Such as: Placed on the wall and had pictures of the children under it. Placed on the floor with different colors of construction paper and had the children dancing on it in their socks ( I called it Pop music) Placed it on the table for a different texture. I am sure there is a lot more you can do with this.