Bubble Art

Bubble blowing – purple colored liquid soap (or other color according to the season) in a eye dropper bottle (you might water this down), plastic straws, a small pitcher, a small sponge and a small bowl for water all on a tray. With the pitcher, the child child fills the bowl with water, adds one dropper full of soap into the bowl, selects a straw and then blows. Make sure the child removes everything from the tray except the bowl of soapy water. This is sort of like blowing bubbles into a glass of milk but allow the child to have the bubbles overflow from the dish onto the tray. The more they blow, the more to clean up but children love doing this and it is great for oral motor development (which affects articulation skills).

Mix dish detergent, water, and tempura paint in three bowls. Make one bowl red, and one blue. Have the children dip bubble blowing sticks in the bowls and they will blow the blue and red bubbles on a white sheet of paper. It looks neat to see all different creations.

Recipe: 1/4 cup of dishwashing detergent 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon of sugar food coloring of any choice Preparation: 1. Prepare bubble mixture and divide into small paper cups. 2. Mix a different color of food coloring into each cup. 3. to make a bubble wands, bend the end of pipe cleaners to form circles and twist to secure it. 4. Use white paper only To do the job: Have the children stand above or slightly to the side of the paper and have them gently blow as soon and the bubble pops the bubble will appear as the color of the solution. I don’t know who likes this art project more me or the kids. I like to get a white roll of paper and roll it across the table so all the children can create the bubble picture together.

Take a plastic container like a yogurt container with a lid. You make two holes on top. One you insert a straw and the other is left open. You put bubble solution in the cup and cover. Let the children blow through the straw and watch the bubbles pour out over the top of the cup and down the sides. This is a wonderful rainy day or outside activity. Have fun with it.

bubble prints

Materials needed are white construction paper, 2 or 3 kitchen Dixie cups, straws, and tempera paint (powdered mixed with water so it’s kind of runny works best).

Pour paint mixture into cups. Put straw into each cup, have child take turns blowing the mixture until bubbles are ready to go over edges. Gently lay paper on top of cups, when bubbles have popped, take paper off. The bubble designs will be left on the paper.

Bubble Wrap Prints

Materials: Bubble wrap packing material, paint, brushes, lots of paper

1. Tape the bubble wrap securely to the table. You will want enough bubble wrap to cover your entire table.

2. Provide different colors of paint and brushes. Tell the children to paint any color or design on the bubble wrap that they want.

3. When they are done painting, show them how to make a print by pressing a piece of paper down on top of their creation.

The more paint and colors there are on the bubble wrap, the more interesting the designs get.