Bubble Art

When my class does our Bubble unit, we make a Bubble Book. Each child draws a picture of what their magic bubble turned into or looks like ( a car, a cloud etc…). I write on the bottom of each drawing “My magic bubble turned into a …”. Then I laminate the pages and make it into a book. We send it home with each child for 2 days to share with their families. A notebook also goes home with the Bubble book so that parents can write to our class what they thought of the book. After all the children have taken the book home the Bubble book becomes part of our class library.

I let the kids glue several different shades of blue tissue paper onto wax paper. When dry I glue a blue piece of construction paper with the center cut out onto there wax paper creation. Cut the excess around the edge and hand in window…you have very pretty colored blue colored bubbles in your windows!

Easy Beautiful Bubbles:

Iridescent cellophane makes for awesome, no hassle bubbles. Simply cut into circles, and let the kids glue them to plain paper, or outdoor scenes. Crumpling the cellophane is not only fun, but a great auditory and sensory activity, and makes the finished craft look 3-D!

Colorful Bubble Painting! Pour a small amount of bubble solution into several cups. Add 4-5 drops of food coloring to each cup (you need a good amount of coloring in the solution). Dip bubble wands into the colorful solutions and blow bubbles onto plain white paper. Allow the bubbles to settle and burst on their own. When dry, you will have beautiful note paper!

Get out those bubbles, and make bubble prints on paper. In a margarine container mix 1/3 tempra paint, or food coloring with 2/3 liquid dishwashing detergent and a small amount of water. Have the children blow with a straw in the solution until the bubbles rise over the top of the container (don’t forget to poke a pin hole in the straw so the kids wont suck up the solution) then have them place a piece of paper over the top of the solution and move it around until they have bubble prints on paper.