Bread Snacks

Pour 1/4 cup milk in a bowl then add food coloring. Give each child a slice of bread and a new, clean paint brush. Let each child paint a picture on their slice of bread an then you toast it. The colors darken when toasted. It’s also fun to paint the bread for special occasions-birthdays to serve for breakfast or snack the children eat it up.

A great idea for exploring bread with your class is to have a breads from around the world tasting party. I let my students taste Italian, French, Pita and Portuguese breads. I then let them decide which bread they liked the best and why. We graphed our results and the children loved seeing which bread would win!!

If you have a bread maker you can do this with even the youngest age group. Depending on the time of year or holiday approaching I fill small containers with different ingredients that can be added to the mix such as dry fruit or nuts and let the kids choose which ones they want to put in the mix by themselves. We try to save some for them to take home but it’s hard. They know that “THEY” made that bread.

Add food coloring to milk and let your children paint bread (With new paint brushes). Then, toast the bread. My preschoolers loved this activity!

Most classrooms do not have access to an oven. A good idea is to take your own bread machine to class. The children can help you measure and combine the ingredients. The bread can bake right in the classroom and the children can enjoy the delicious aroma of fresh bread baking. Serve it for snack time with the children’s choice of butter, jam, or peanut butter as a spread. My kids loved it and want to know when we can do it again.

Bake bread with your children!!! Here is a link to one of my favorite web sites: