Bread Art

Make iced buns, hot dogs etc with the same basic idea. Roll out play dough sausage shapes, keep them quite thick – use a plastic knife to make a slice down the length, just like a hot dog bun. Roll another sausage shape, thinner this time, insert into the sliced roll, pinch the ends to close. Paint when dry to resemble a hot dog. As child’s skill progresses you can add a thinner line of ‘mustard’ or ‘ketchup’, maybe some relish! For an iced bun, don’t make the cut, roll thin, flat piece of play dough and lay over ‘bun’ to become the icing. This idea can be made to make all kinds of pretend cupcakes and treats, encourage older children to practice their math skills by ‘selling’ their baked goods with class dollars.

Edible Art

Mix different colors of food coloring into several bowls of softened butter. Give each child a piece of white bread and a Popsicle stick. Have the children spread the different colors of butter on their bread to make an edible art creation!

Edible Art #2

Give each child a slice of bread and a new paint brush. Have them help in adding a few drops of food coloring to a tablespoon of milk. Then have them paint their bread and put in a toaster. (only first child can do this) Thereafter the teacher should do this because the toaster will be hot. After the toast pops up give them some butter to brush on their bread and let them enjoy.