Body Part Snacks

Gingerbread People A cute idea for identifying body parts, and all about me.

Materials: people shaped cookie cutters store bought cookie dough Rolling pin variety of decorations (icing, sprinkles) for each child.

Steps- 1. Roll the cookie dough into a flat sheet. 2. Have kids use cookie cutters to cut cookies. 3. Bake according to package. 4. Have kids decorate cookies with icing and sprinkles according to directions. (Put sprinkles on the arms, put white icing on the legs, etc).

A fun and easy snack is to make a face on the plate out of frozen blueberries and fresh coconut chunks. Use coconut for nose and eyebrows and three blueberries for eyes each and a row of blueberries in a smiling face. The children love to eat this face and can name the parts as they eat them, also count the blueberries and can even be involved in the process of opening the fresh coconut shell, seeing the milk come out, etc etc. Use variations on this and let your imagination run!