Body Part Science

We have 20 children in our class. We make two models–a “boy” and a “girl”.   We take a long piece of paper approx. 4 ft long.  Each child takes a turn laying down on the paper. We trace around one child’s head, another child’s arm, another child’s hand, body, leg feet, etc, until you have traced a body. If you have more children use fingers, toes etc. until every child has a body part drawn. Then you use a sponge for the brain and blue it on the paper. Use spaghetti for bones, rubber bands for muscles, kidneys beans for kidney’s (that’s a given) we draw a heart or cut one out. We use a rolled up piece of paper for the esophagus, sponges for the lungs, yarn for intestines. Draw the eyes, nose mouth, hair and then have the children name their person. This is a great way to talk about body parts and their functions. The kids love this and we hang our creations up. Don’t forget to label with the kids names and their body parts.

Have a skeleton available in the science area. It would allow the children to touch, see and move the different bones in the body. They could guess at the longest or shortest bone in the body. There could be other bones with pictures of the animal it belongs to and the children could try to match them up.