Body Part Games

Friend to Friend

Have the children choose a partner to begin the game. Call out a body part (Knee to Knee) and have the children touch knees. Call out body parts 2 or 3 times then call out “Friend to Friend” and they have to find a new friend to play with.

Here is a fun version of musical chairs that is great for movement and learning body parts- Make sure each child has a defined space (a colored spot, X on the floor, carpet square, etc.) These spaces should be randomly placed around the room/gym. The more room you have the better! Each child begins by standing on a space and moves as you direct when the music begins. You might say, “crawl” and everybody crawls around the room. When the music stops each child will begin to return to their space. As they reach their space you will yell out a body part, for example, “elbow”, and the children will touch their elbow to their space. Begin the music again with a new movement and a new body part to stop with. Very fun!