Body Part Art

I painted each child’s foot then they walked across butcher paper. After the footprints dried, I cut out four of each child’s prints (two lefts and two rights). I then hung them on our wall so it looked like someone had walked on the wall. I put each child’s name under their four prints. I put them all in a long line so there is a long “path” going around our classroom.

Before you introduce the activity, cut large pieces from a very wide roll of paper. Each one should be large enough for a child to lie down on. You’ll need crayons handy, too. Pair the children up. One child will lie on his paper while his partner traces his body with a crayon (markers can stain clothes and pencils might poke through the paper). Then they switch roles. In the end, each child in your class has a paper with his or her body outline on it. Let the children decorate their outlines with crayons. As they do you can encourage them to talk about facial features, what different body parts do, etc. It’s easiest to do the entire project on the floor. It makes for a nice change from table-top art. Good luck!

This is a profile art. Take the children outside or if not nice turn a bright light on in the house. Take a white piece of construction paper Have the children stand with their side to the paper so that the shadow of their head profile is on the paper. Trace with pencil. Take a black piece of paper and place it under the white on and cut out the profile of the head. Glue it onto a large piece of colored paper. You could add a poem to the bottom if you like.

When talking about the 5 senses or learning about the body, let the children paint with their nose ! Yes, their nose. The children enjoy painting this way. Take pictures to show the parents.