Boat Snacks

Fill a celery stick with cream cheese or cheese whiz and then use triangle crackers (there are several brands that make small triangle shaped ones.) for sails to make a boat.

Cut a few oranges or grapefruits in half. Hollow them out and eat the insides. Meanwhile, make up a batch of Jell-O of any flavor. Fill the “shell” with the liquid Jell-O. Place them into the fridge to set. Once the item has set cut the halves into quarters. Put a toothpick and a triangle piece of construction paper into them to give the appearance of boats…

Alternatives: You can also fill the Jell-O with frozen fruit to give it an extra kick. You can also use fruit rollup in place of the triangle piece of construction paper for the sail.

Apple boats: 1/2 an apple for the boat 1 pretzel stick for the mast 2 mini marshmallows for the sail

I used this snack at a camp at the Science Center of Iowa and the children loved making their own boat. Once we discussed the different parts of the boat, I handed out the supplies and they put them together.