Black History Month Snacks

Idea: NOTE–Snack contains nuts

When you discuss George Washington Carver, why not make home-made peanut butter?! Teacher pours one can of salted roasted peanuts into a blender. Grind a little. Then, add 1/4 vegetable oil, and 2 Tbsp. honey. Blend until smooth. Spread on a cracker and enjoy! Read the story “Peanut Butter and Jelly”.

Discuss Garret Morgan the inventor of the traffic light. Use graham cracker, white frosting, and three m & m’s red, yellow and green. The (s) love to make this treat all well as eat it. It could also be used in the Transportation theme.

To enhance the discussion of Garrett Morgan and the traffic light invention we make Traffic Light Pancakes with our children. Just make the batter as you would for traditional pancakes. Split into three equal portions then add food coloring. Red, Yellow and Green, one color per portion. Cook as usual then let the children arrange them before they eat them. Our children have eaten them plain just because they think the color makes them sweeter which is always a good thing and promotes a healthier diet.

In honor of Garret Morgan, the inventor of the traffic light, make “Traffic Light Cookies.”

Ingredients: Graham crackers, white frosting, round jelly filled candies in green, red, and yellow.

Have the children frost a graham cracker. Let them place the round, jelly filled candies on the cracker. Viola!!! A traffic light!