Black History Month Curriculum

Black History Month

Black History Month Curriculum

Black History Month Curriculum ideas for preschoolers through second grade.

Jazz music is the first authentic American music style.
Black Americans created this art form. Collect a variety of jazz samples (different eras sound quite different) and listen to the children.

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Elijah McCoy, an African-American inventor, created a device that improved Rail Road trains. Share this experience with students by trying to be a train and follow each other without holding on to each other’s shoulders. Moving fast is difficult because pieces of the train get lost. Fix the train by holding on and see how fast you can go.

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I read the children a book about Rosa Parks and how she didn’t think it was fair that she was asked to give up her seat on the bus. I then put a construction paper bus on the table and gave each child a wooden stick person. Each child had a chance to say where they wanted to sit on the bus and put their person on the bus. We talked about fairness and equality.

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A book suggestion for black history month is “Daisy and the Doll”. This is based on a true story of a black girl in an otherwise all-white class.
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