Bird Science Activities

Make bird feeders. I have 2 ways that I have done it with my 2-year-olds. First, take old bagels cut in half with yarn or string through the center. Give the children a spoonful of peanut butter or honey (watch peanut allergies) to spread on the bagel front and back, then have them dip the whole thing in the bird seed. Hang them outside on a nearby tree so the kids can watch the birds and squirrels enjoy this treat. The other idea is to use a pinecone with peanut butter or honey (watch peanut allergies) and dip it in the bird seed. Follow the same directions as above.

Bird Bread: you will need 1 or 2 cans refrigerated bread/biscuit dough(depending on the size of your class and how large you want each child’s bread to be), some wild bird seed & bakers yarn divide the bread/biscuit dough among all of your toddlers & allow them to shape it however they like. (for toddlers) place some bird seed in a Ziploc baggie and allow toddlers to roll and squish the birdseed into the dough. older kids: just put the birdseed on the table and let them roll it around in it. Teacher part: take a piece of the string, depending on how large the dough/birdseed, and make it large enough to serve as a hanger. double up the string and pull the looped side all the way through using a large leather needle. Bake in a pre-heated 350* oven for about 30 minutes. we hang ours outside of our class window and the kids love to watch the birds eating from them, we’ve even had a few squirrels show up for a snack!

During our spring week, we made a birds nest out of a box and added plastic eggs and stuffed birds. At first, our two-year-olds looked at us like we were crazy when we invited them to be birds in our new nest. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about where birds live. It was interesting that many of our children believed that birds lived in the sky! We brought in real birds nests to show the children. They loved it and by Friday we had a full nest of wonderful little “birds”!!

Bird Feeders Tie or glue some fishing string or other sturdy string to the top of a large pine cone (for hanger).Spread on peanut butter and roll in birdseed. Place in recycled grocery/newspaper, plastic bags, for transporting home.

Bird Science Activities

Bird Science Activities for preschool through second grade.