Bird Art

Make a birds nest with string and paper mache paste. Wrap the string around a small balloon, when it sets pop the balloon.

Baby Red Birds Paint your child’s foot red and place it upside down on white paper. Then have the child glue two red feathers to both sides of their footprint. Next Have them glue two eyes and a beak to the heal of their footprint. Teachers can either draw a nest or you may have the child glue sticks to make a nest. (birds can be painted any color).

My toddlers love to decorate and play with the “bird watchers” we make. You need 2 toilet paper rolls, then you hot glue them together for each child. Let each child color or paint them. When they are dry you can go outside and let them look at birds, airplanes, cars etc. with their homemade binoculars.

Bird Art Activities

Bird Art activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and older children.