Bear Snacks

During our unit on bears, we have a teddy bear picnic. While one teacher is helping the kids wash their hands, the other teacher sets up a picnic blanket and hides (in obvious places) bags of honeycomb cereal in the room. When the kids return, they find their honey for the picnic.

Laminate a sheet of paper with several bear shapes in different colors. Use these to sort gummy bears, then eat and enjoy.

Using bear shaped cookie cutters, cut bread into bear shapes and put honey in the middle.

After learning, “10 Bears in a Bed,” have the children count in a cup 10 Teddy Grahams and 10 small marshmallows (pillows) for snack.

take an English muffin and spread with peanut butter, add raisins for the eyes, black jellybean for the nose, and red pull n peel licorice for the mouth. Last place two vanilla wafers for the ears