Bear Snacks

For an easy to make snack go buy ding dongs and put paw prints on them with white icing. Easy and fast. The kids loved them.

For a family unit, I have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears ( focusing on the mama bear and father bear etc. and then had oatmeal (porridge for the snack ) ūüôā adding a little fruit or cinnamon helped with a yummy taste..

Give each child 2 rectangle shape crackers put peanut butter in small condiment cups allowing each child 1 cup and 3 gummy bears for each child. The children love to feel food so let them use their fingers to spread the peanut butter. Have them stand the 2nd cracker as a back to a bench, then place the gummy bears on them. You now have Bears on a bench. Suggestion, this goes good with the classic story The Three Little Bears. My children love them.

Bear Claws

Use canned biscuits, two for each child. Pat one flat, break other into 4 balls. Roll in butter, then in sugar and cinnamon. Arrange on foil to look like a bear claw, bake until golden.

Spread peanut butter (watch out for allergies) on a plain rice cake. Add two small pretzel twists for the ears and M&Ms for the eyes, nose and mouth. My kindergarteners loved making and eating this snack as a culmination to our Bear theme.