Bear Games

One of the thing I like to do with my group of 4 year olds is to pretend to be bears going on a hunt for honey. I have the children make headbands with small bear ears to wear while on the hunt. We also paint the top of small brown paper bags with yellow paint to make it look like honey dripping over the edges. I then write “Pot O’ Honey” on their bags. We then hunt in the classroom, or outside, for small plastic bags that have been filled with Honeycomb cereal. The kids have a great time hunting for their honey and then we enjoy some for our snack!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Choose 3 children to be the bears Daddy, mommy and baby bear They stand away from the other children with their backs facing the rest of the class. The rest of class sneak up on the bears and need to ask the bears Who is Home? The bears can answer Momma, Daddy or Baby. The class keeps sneaking up until the bears respond Goldilocks to their question “Who is Home” The bears then chase the children. Whoever they catch becomes a bear. (This game is similar to What time is it Mr. Wolf)

Cut out several bear shapes in three different sizes. On three different lunch bags glue a large medium and small bear. Place the other bears in another bag. One at a time let the children draw a bear from your bag and place in in the bag of the corresponding size. Be sure to say the size so that the children will grasp the vocabulary of small medium and large.

Teddy Bear Game: First you find a small chair and a teddy bear. Remove all distractions, toys etc. Gather the children and direct them to all sit-down. Tell them they have to sit to have a turn. Explain to the group that the Teddy Bear loves to take walks around their room and that they will each be called to pick up the teddy, take him for a walk around the room then return him to the chair. At this point, you sing {make up you own tune} this special song filling in the blank with one of your children’s names. ” Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, sitting on a little chair. Come for a walk, come for a walk, with_____”. As the child walks the bear around the teacher can describe how the bear in enjoying the walk. This serves as a guide for the child and also helps keeps things under control. When the Bear is placed back in the chair, clap your hands and tell the child what a good job they have done. The game help listening skills, social group playing, improving attention spans and learning to take turns. Great for 2’s and young 3’s.