Bear Games

When doing a bear theme don’t forget to go on a Bear Hunt. This is how I do mine:

(Start tapping legs one at a time with the children) Chant We’re going on a bear hunt (children repeat) We’re going to catch a big one (children repeat) I’m not scared (children repeat) Cause I’ve got my flashlight (pretend to hold up a flashlight into the air) (children repeat) Do you see what I see? (shade your eyes with your hand) (children repeat) It’s a tall tall tree (children repeat) Can’t go over it (children repeat) Can’t under it (children repeat) Can’t go through it (children repeat) We’ll have to climb up it (children repeat) (pretend to climb up a tree and come back down)

Start over again go through as many obstacles as you can. i.e. tall grass (rub hands together) river (pretend to put bathing suit on and swim) mud (walk slow) mountain You finally come to the cave. make it as scary as you like, whisper, walk slow, turn on your flashlight if your scared) Pretend to see the bear and scream (I brought my teddy bear and through it into the middle at this point, it was great for effect) and run (tap legs very quickly) backward through the mud river and tall grass back to your home where you can lock the door! My best advice is to really throw yourself into the fun and try to make it somewhat real.

This game is called Mr. Bear Are You Sleeping? One child is the bear and they go a short distance away from the larger group. This child lays down or sits down and closes their eyes and pretends to be asleep. The large group holds hands and says quietly “Mr. Bear are you Sleeping” The bear continues to sleep. The large group gets a little closer and asks the question again softly. This continues until the large group gets up to the sleeping bear. When they are real close they ask the question very loudly. “MR. BEAR ARE YOU SLEEPING?” The bear then roars and tries to grab the children who woke him from his sleep and the children run away screaming in excitement. The children then take turns being the bear.

When teaching four-year-olds the concept of more/less, I make a chart of thirty bears (2 rows of 15 each. Then I give the children baggies of teddy grahams (2 different kinds – I used chocolate and honey. They count how many of each kind they have and color the correct number of bears on their chart (example 12 brown and 3 yellow). I have to check to make sure they counted right and when it is, the children tell me which one has more or less. Then, they get to eat them! I used the remainder in the box to eat for snack. The amounts I picked for them to do was based on how high the children could count. If they couldn’t count past ten, they were not given more than ten of any color. The children LOVED this!

For a bear themed activity, I made bingo cards that I programmed with ABC stickers that had pictures as well as the letters and smiley faces in primary colors. You can program them to fit into your skill area. I can play it a couple of ways: Colors only (cover a space that is blue) or Letters (cover a space that has an A or cover a letter space that your name begins with) USE TEDDY GRAHAMS CRACKERS FOR THE MARKERS.

After reading the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” I brought out a teddy bear finger puppet. Each child had a turn to use it while the other children chanted “Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?” The child with the finger puppet replied, “I see something (color) looking at me” The other children try to guess what brown bear is talking about.