Bear Games

Cut out several bear shapes in three different sizes. On three different lunch bags glue a large medium and small bear. Place the other bears in another bag. One at a time let the children draw a bear from your bag and place in in the bag of the corresponding size. Be sure to say the size so that the children will grasp the vocabulary of small medium and large.

A bear listening game I play with my 3 & 4 year olds is called ‘Bears Like Honey’ and it goes like this…We all sit in a circle. One child is chosen to be a bear and sits in the center with a musical instrument e.g. sleigh bells (imaginary honey pot). All the children chant “Isn’t it funny how bears like honey, buzz, buzz, buzz. I wonder why he does. Go to sleep Mr. Bear, don’t peep Mr. Bear.” (At this point the child in the center pretends to sleep and a child from the circle pinches the honeypot/bells – and shakes them loudly and hides them behind their back, everyone hides their hands. We all shout “Wake up Mr. Bear, someone has stolen your honey!” the child in the center then has to try and remember where they heard the sound coming from when the bells were shook. They say the name of a child they think has got it, that child either shows their empty hands or the instrument. When the culprit is found then it is their turn to be the bear in the circle. A really good test of listening skills!

My kids love to go on a “bear hunt” At group time we sing the song and read the book, “We’re going on a bear hunt.” Then, I go outside and hide plastic bear counters all over the playground. The kids then come out and find them. I make sure to say, we’re not hunting to hurt or kill the bears, we’re just trying to find them and put them back into their cave. The kids will want you to hide them over and over!

Laminate a sheet of paper with several bear shapes in different colors. Use these to sort gummy bears, then eat and enjoy.

Draw a picture of a honey pot and cut out 2 for each child. Glue around edges leaving top and center unglued. Stuff with bits of honey colored felt. Paint a craft stick and at one end glue a piece of Velcro. Use this as a dipper to collect pieces of the felt honey. Feed to teddy bears.

Using thick cardboard, draw bears wearing different colored t-shirts. Then draw corresponding party hats of the same color. Cut these out and laminate and stick magnets on the back. You should then have about six bears and hats to match (green, yellow, red, blue, orange, purple). I sing a song called ‘Party Hats’ which my Pre-school children love. The song goes “Gavin likes the green hat, green hat, green hat. Gavin likes the green hat cause he likes green.” Do this to all of the bears making up names with the same letter of the color (eg./red-robin). At the end of the song sing ‘All the bears have party hats, party hats, party hats. All the bears have party hats cause they like parties’. Use these on a double-sided magnet board and also use as a transition song.