Bear Art

Draw 3 different sizes of circles–large, medium and small–on brown paper. Depending on skill level of children, cut the circles yourselves or allow children to cut them. Glue the circles to a larger piece of paper, large on bottom, then medium on top. Use 2 small circles for ears, 2 for arms and 2 for legs. This is a great activity for cutting/scissor skills, following directions, sequencing large, medium, small.

We have the kids paint bear shapes with watered down glue and then sprinkle coffee grounds on the bears. They smell great and the kids love the texture!

Finger-paint with chocolate pudding on teddy bear shapes 🙂

I found some corduroy material on the remnants tables at a fabric store. I then cut out overalls from the material. The children glue their overalls to a piece of paper and add buttons, lace, extra scrap fabric to the overalls. Use with the story “Corduroy.”

Fingerpaint with chocolate pudding on teddy bear shapes 🙂

Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear 1st. Then, Finger paint with brown paint and coffee grounds mixed in.After it dries add collage materials to make a face and decorate the bear. Add signs for each child Brown Bear Brown Bear what did you see? I see___ and have the child dictate what he sees. Looks adorable on a bulletin board and it combines literature and art.