Bear Art

Using white construction paper, cut out a bear shape. Have the children glue fake fur on the bear to make it furry.Bears in a cave
Fold a paper plate in half. Cut 2 slits in the middle so you can lift up a “flap”, which will show you a bear inside. For the bear, cut a piece of fur and glue inside the flap. Let children color their cave and write the caption “Quiet, Bear sleeping!” You may want to staple the edges together.

Use brown paint on the bottom of the children’s feet and stamp them onto clear contact paper, cut them out and use as bear track stickers for use on windows, doors, walls, etc.

Combine salt and liquid watercolors then dry in the microwave. On a bear cut-out or using bear sponges with watered down glue create sparkling wonders by sprinkling on the colored salt. You can make brown bears, black bears, polar bears, etc.

Bear Feet.

Paint the bottom of the child’s foot. Have him/her step down on paper, while the paint is still wet let the child add the following bear arms, bear ears and a circle for a bear face the children may draw the face, or you may want to have one ready for them.

First, take a bunch of brown pom-poms and pull them apart. Depending on the age of the children they might be able to do this themselves. This is the fur for your bears. Glue these to a bear cut-out and add eyes, nose etc.