Bear Art

Cinnamon Bears

I cut out a teddy bear shape and added a face with a black marker. The children used glue sticks to rub glue all over the bodies and shook cinnamon all over the bodies. I then had them smell their own bears. Make sure you have either newspaper or a paper plate under the bears to keep the cinnamon from going all over the place when shaking the excess off.

“Bear Prints” This activity is simple but fun. We place a large section of white butcher type paper on the floor and tape it down. With assistance, the children take turns stepping into plastic dishes with paint in them and walking across the paper. As we make our “bare (bear) prints, we growl and snarl like a bear. I take the large sheet of paper and line the wall leading to the oneness area where we have teddy bears and bear stories set up.

Using an old sheet from home, cut squares large enough to make a small blanket for a teddy bear. Allow your toddlers to paint designs on their blankets or use bingo dabbers to decorate. The children are so proud of the blankets they designed! You may want to allow them to bring their bears to school and have a party.