Be True To Yourself

Be True To YourselfBe True To Yourself

Today I read a poem by an incredible author, Rolli, entitled “The Oughtabees”.  He classified it as a poem for children, but I think that we all could learn from “The Oughtabees”.

The Oughtabees are coming!
They’re buzzing up the hill!
Plug your ears!  Close your eyes!
Hold absolutely still!

You oughtabee this.
You oughtabee that.
You oughta wear a suit and tie.
You oughta wear a hat.
You oughta laugh less often—
Oh, and most importantly,
You oughta, oughta, oughta,
Be an oughtabee like me.
Yes, you oughta be an oughtabee like me.
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Always remember to chase away those nasty “oughtabees” and let the true YOU shine like a bright sun.  Be true to yourself!