Bat Games

Hang cord from ceiling attaching another end to a frosted bat-shaped sugar cookie (I write children’s name’s on them). Children locate their name, place their hands behind their back and bite their cookie until it is gone! This is another version of bobbing for apples, but everyone’s germs stay on their own cookie and all of the children can (if you want to) play at the same time. This works well with preschoolers that have difficulty waiting, especially on an exciting day of a Halloween party! I place tables below the hanging bat cookies so that when they fall, the children can pick up the pieces and finish them. This avoids upset to cookies breaking on the floor.

This idea is for reinforcing number concepts for early 3s and older. Go online or through your pattern books to find a reproducible image of a bat, preferably one that is just an outline. I found cute ones at Google Images. Print out six copies and color them in, putting a number between 1 and six on them. For younger children, you can also put the corresponding number of dots. Have a child roll the die, count the dots, and find the bat with the matching number. Older children can do this on their own, but younger ones will probably need assistance. Great as a group time or one-on-one activity. Especially fun if you can get a hold of a big, black, fuzzy dice cube to roll.