Baseball Games

Baseball/Glove Match:

Cut out 10 paper gloves and put dots on each one. Put one dot on the first, 2 dots on the second.. Next, cut out 10 paper baseballs with red lacing and put numbers on each one the same way you do with the gloves. #1 on the first, #2 on the second.. Have child match the number on the ball to the dots on the glove. You can go up to any number you want but after awhile you run out of room for the dots..!

I did a birthday party for my son at the end of October and did baseball – well I found the cutest indoor game. You scrunch up a piece of paper from a note pad (8 1/2 x 11) and the you have them toss it into a garbage can. They are learning how to toss.

Another game we played was with the plastic bats on a hot day, fill water balloons and have them hit them.