Balloon Games

This is a good group time activity and the kids really love it. Ask the children to roll into a small ball on the floor (role model) Tell them they are balloons. Get the children to blow big loud breaths, which each breath they are to slowly grow bigger and bigger until they are on tiptoes with their arms stretched high. The children can choose to pop the balloon, where they slink back down to the ground, or they can release the balloon, where they move around the room until they have shrunk back down deflated! Have fun!

Balloon Sort: Spread colored hoops around on the ground. Blow up several balloons to match each shape & so each child gets one. Ask children to go to the same colored hoop as the balloon they are holding. Swap balloons and go again. Try it to music (like Musical Chairs, the last child in the hoop is out). Have Fun!

Suspend blown up balloons from the ceiling with string. Hang them so they are within reach of the children. They can then ‘bat’ the balloons. My daycare kids have enjoyed this immensely each time we have done it. For the letter Bb, I’ve used blue and black balloons and have sometimes written the letter Bb on them.

Have the children bounce a balloon in the air. See who can keep their balloon off the ground the longest.

Purchase balloon stickers from the store and make file folder games. For example, balloon match-up, counting, etc. You can also make a balloon lotto game. Or memory game.