Balloon Art

Partially blow up small balloons. Dip them in paint and dap on paper. Makes really neat prints and the kids love the “squishy” feel. Can get a little wild, depending on the children. But it’s a lot of fun!

Give the kids colored paper circles. Have them glue the circles onto a light blue piece of paper and draw ‘strings’ on them. They can finish off the picture by drawing clouds, the sun, etc.

“Me Balloon” Cut out balloon shapes from large colored paper. Then discuss with the children what “favorite” means. Put the children’s name on the balloon in a decorative way. Ask each child about his or her favorite things such as: Who lives at your house? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? Who is your favorite friend? etc…. Write their answers on the balloon and tell them what you are writing (the older ones can write their own). Attach the balloon to the wall. Tie ribbon or string to the bottom of the balloon. The place handprints 2 or 3 feet from the bottom of the balloons and attach the ribbon or string to the hand prints.

I cut balloon shapes out of construction paper and write the child’s name on it. I also have them trace their hand and cut them out. Then I ask the children some questions such as… What is your favorite color? What is your favorite thing to do at school? What is your pets name? Favorite food? T.V. show? etc… I write their answers on their balloon. I then attach a ribbon to the balloon and connect it to the hand print and hang them on the wall.