Balloon Art

I cut out shapes of large balloons (2 for each child). I let them paint them with several colors and designs as they like. After they are dry I staple together and let the children stuff their balloon with old newspaper and then I staple the remaining bit and tie a ribbon on the end and hang them from the ceiling. We do these during our “birthday” themed week.

Balloon Printing:

Use several small meat trays with a different color of paint in each one. Don’t put too much paint in each tray and spread it out. I used magenta, turquoise, yellow, brown, and blue. I lightened the brown, magenta, and blue with white paint. Place medium sized blown up balloon in each tray. Give the children some white construction paper and their job is to take a balloon and print with it. It ends up with a feathery look to it…Very pretty.

When I did a color review with my kids we traced one hand and glued it on a large piece of construction paper and then glued balloons (I used a die cut balloon to save time) in each color we studied. Then we drew a line from the hand to each balloon (it looks like the hand is holding a bunch of balloons). You could also use yarn.

Balloon Brushes

Materials: 1 package of balloons, sticks or dowels, rubber bands or floral wire.

Gather a bunch of balloons (deflated) around a stick or dowel. Take a rubber band or floral wire and secure the balloons to the stick or dowel. Have the children dip the “balloon brush” into the paint and explore!

Cut out hot air balloon shapes and let children decorate using collage materials, paint, markers, rubber stamps…whatever! Cut out square shapes for the basket below the hot air balloon. Attach the basket to the balloon using yarn or string. Put each child’s picture just above the top of the square “basket” so it looks like the child is riding in the hot air balloon. This would make a great Back To School Night Bulletin board!