Bakery Games

Provide muffin tins in the math center for children to sort and count small items. I have done this many times with my own kids at home while i was busy cooking. Another variation is to put slips of paper with numbers 1-6 in a six cavity muffin pan. Allow the children to roll number cubes to dictate which cavity an item must be placed.

Cut large paper doughnuts (circles with holes in the middle) from various colors of paper. Have the children sit in a circle. Put the doughnuts in the middle. Say:
Down around the corner at the bakery shop, lots of doughnuts with the sugar on the top. Along came (child’s name), all alone. He picked up a (color) one and brought it on home.
The child picks up the “doughnut” in the color that you selected and brings it to you. Continue until each child has a turn.
My kids love this!